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View all features

Save time on market research and competitive analysis

Brainstorm startup ideas automatically, reducing time spent on market research and competitive analysis from hours to minutes. Access to a stunning business model canvas database with thousands of examples that will inspire you, create and edit unique business plans using the mash-up method, export your projects easily.

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Vizologi has helped thousands of people complete

over 1.5 million questions in 25+ thousand projects

“The tool analyzes the existing strategies, identifies areas for improvement, turning the wildest ideas into businesses with long-term viability”.
Laurène Moutot is Business Strategist at HireSweet, New York

“We complete our entire workflow, research, market analysis, business design, and prototyping, using this generative design tool. Awe-inspiring!”.
Joakim Edvardsson is Business Designer at Making Waves, Stockholm.

“We create new value for our clients through innovation reports and presentations; this tool means new money for my company”.
Daniel Scheck is Senior Consultant at dgroup GmbH, Berlin

“Vizo is the perfect tool to discover hidden niches waiting to be disrupted. It inspires you to create unique and original start-ups. Action is the key!”
Andrew Mason is CEO at Descript, California

“It helps us to think outside the box, analyzing new trends, and conducting market research studies to identify new business opportunities against our competitors”.
Gonzalo García Villanueva is Marketing Director at Bloomberg LP, London.

“In a few clicks, you can access to a stunning knowledge base. The tool is handy and is helping me to find information for my school tasks. Outstanding experience!”.
Tabea Becker is Student at IE Business School, Madrid.

Transform a cost into revenue

For every $1 invested in Vizologi you generate over $75 with new ideas.