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NewTechKids business model | How does NewTechKids make money?

NewTechKids Business Model

NewTechKids, an Amsterdam-based organization, it develops computer science and programming education for primary school students. They develop curricu...
One Laptop per Child business model | How does One Laptop per Child make money?

One Laptop per Child Business Model

One Laptop per Child (OLPC) is a non-profit initiative established with the goal of transforming education for children around the world; this goal wa...
Grameen DANONE business model | How does Grameen DANONE make money?

Grameen DANONE Business Model

Grameen Danone Foods Ltd. (GDFL) is danone.communities’ founding project. The first in a series of social business initiatives, it grew out of a mee...
ClassTag business model | How does ClassTag make money?

ClassTag Business Model

ClassTag unites teachers and parents as partners in every child's success. With ClassTag's award-winning free platform teachers communicate and coordi...
Neolight business model | How does Neolight make money?

Neolight Business Model

Neolight is a medical device company, that is driven by empathy to newborns, which are in need of neonatal medical care. They manufacture and develop ...