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WeFarm business model | How does WeFarm make money?

WeFarm Business Model

WeFarm is a free peer-to-peer service that enables farmers to share information via SMS, without the internet and without having to leave their farm. ...
Louis Dreyfus business model | How does Louis Dreyfus make money?

Louis Dreyfus Business Model

Louis Dreyfus Company is a leading merchant and processor of agricultural goods, leveraging its global reach and extensive asset network to deliver fo...
Cropin business model | How does Cropin make money?

Cropin Business Model

Cropin Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. develops and operates cloud based platforms through which users can capture real time data from agricultural far...
Intello labs business model | How does Intello labs make money?

Intello labs Business Model

Intello Labs is India's most awarded AgriTech Start Up, which has won accolades for its path breaking invention of an Artificial Intelligence based Co...