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Transfix business model | How does Transfix make money?

Transfix Business Model

Transfix provides free, industry-leading technologies and ethical brokerage services to independent over-the-road truck drivers and small carriers. Th...
China Post Group business model | How does China Post Group make money?

China Post Group Business Model

China Post is the State-owned enterprise operating the official postal service of China. The Corporation officially shares its office with the sub-min...
U.S. Postal Service business model | How does U.S. Postal Service make money?

U.S. Postal Service Business Model

The United States Postal Service, often abbreviated as USPS, is an independent agency of the United States government responsible for providing postal...
UPS business model | How does UPS make money?

UPS Business Model

United Parcel Service, Inc. (UPS) is the world's largest package delivery company and a provider of supply-chain management solutions. UPS delivers mo...
Shiply business model | How does Shiply make money?

Shiply Business Model

Shiply is a UK-based company providing an internet marketplace where transport service requesters may list items they need to move, and where provider...
Deutsche Bahn business model | How does Deutsche Bahn make money?

Deutsche Bahn Business Model

Deutsche Bahn AG is a German railway company. Headquartered in Berlin, it is a private joint-stock company (AG), with the Federal Republic of Germany...