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Daiwa House Industry business model | How does Daiwa House Industry make money?

Daiwa House Industry Business Model

Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. is engaged in the business of housing, commercial facilities, and urban development. The company's Segments include Sin...
GlassPoint Solar business model | How does GlassPoint Solar make money?

GlassPoint Solar Business Model

GlassPoint designs, manufactures, and installs solar steam generators for the oil and gas industry worldwide. They’ve forged partnerships with energ...
Juan Valdez Café business model | How does Juan Valdez Café make money?

Juan Valdez Café Business Model

Juan Valdez Café is a multinational coffeehouse chain based in Columbia that specializes in coffee retail. Its purpose is to become a member of the w...
Trunk Club business model | How does Trunk Club make money?

Trunk Club Business Model

Trunk Club, Inc. provides clothing services for men. It connects users with personal stylists (in person) at Chicago, Dallas, the District of Columbia...
Doorsteps business model | How does Doorsteps make money?

Doorsteps Business Model

Doorsteps is a rentals search site currently available for the Austin and San Diego markets. They’ve gathered listings from over 30 sites, the Austi...
REDFIN business model | How does REDFIN make money?

REDFIN Business Model

Redfin is a technology-powered real estate brokerage that represents people buying and selling homes. Founded and run by technologists, Redfin has a t...