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BAIC business model | How does BAIC make money?

BAIC Business Model

BAIC Group is a Chinese State-owned enterprise and holding company of several automobile and machine manufacturers, located in Beijing, China. Its pri...
Carbon business model | How does Carbon make money?

Carbon Business Model

Carbon works at the intersection of hardware, software, and molecular science. Their vision is a future fabricated with light, where traceable, final-...
Katerra business model | How does Katerra make money?

Katerra Business Model

Katerra Inc. provides product design and sourcing, procurement and Supply chain, logistics, and customer services to the construction industry. It eng...
Ori systems business model | How does Ori systems make money?

Ori systems Business Model

Ori, Inc. creates intelligent, responsive systems that enable the elegant and effortless transformation of interior space. Ori systems combine robotic...
3D systems business model | How does 3D systems make money?

3D systems Business Model

3D Systems Corporation, incorporated on May 14. 1993. is a holding company. The Company provides three-dimensional (3D) printing solutions, including ...