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February 28, 2023

Inflatable Air Dancers: A Fun and Effective Way to Attract Customers.

In modern marketing, different agencies continuously develop new methods and techniques to gain followers and attract new consumers to their companies. When creating a brand, it is apparent that more than the idea, name, and initiative is needed. Customers are half of the company’s job. Without consumers, a company is nothing. Every brand should think ahead of different means to attract as many consumers as possible. With enough research, companies will attract brand-aware individuals and brand-loyal consumers who will stick to them. People enjoy creativity. They get attracted to things that look, sound, and feel new. A fantastic method of attracting more consumers is introducing inflatable air dancers. 

What are inflatable air dancers? 

Ever wondered what the incredibly funny but inviting semi-human-shaped tall floaties are for? They are called inflatable air dancers. At first, they were called Tall Boys. Other names people refer to are inflatable air dancers; sky dancers, and tube men. Air dancer inflatables are tall inflatable formations that incorporate units of fabric hooked with a fan. How they work is that the fan blows air into the material, and thus the tall boy’s structures begin switching and dancing dynamically. 

The history of inflatable air dancers is the following: Referring to their original name, “tall boys,” these structures originated from the creative mind of Peter Minshall. The latter made long-legged, long-armed, spirited dancers. 

Initially, Peter Minshall made inflatable air dancers for the 1996 Olympics. They were held during the Summer, so people were excited to see something fun outside of the professional sports matches. 

Let us dive more into detail about where inflatable air dancers came from. 

The idea of inflatable air dancers was the thought process of two individuals. These men nearly ended up in a courtroom. There are different interpretations of the origin of inflatable air dancers. 

Peter Minshall was a well-known Trinidadian artist who challenged the 2000s Carnival traditionalism from the 1970s. He is one of the most famed patrons of Trinidad and Tobago, where he came from. There is a 2010 documentary, Mas Man, about Peter Minshall. 

Minshall had a comprehensive background operating with puppets, counting giant light-framed puppets that looked similar to modern inflatable air dancers. 

The other man in the story, Doron Gazit, was another well-known engineer and artist from Los Angeles, originally from Israel, who was famous for his unique environmental art installations. Gazit experienced art pieces that signified inflatable air dancers. What is more impressive is that Gazit began his entertainment career as a balloon artist in Jerusalem. 

Minshall was ordered to create art for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. There is a story in which he made inflatable air dancers he referred to as “tall boys,” Later, Gazit helped him turn the idea into reality. 

So, what is the purpose of inflatable air dancers?

The inflatable air dancers are meant to imitate fabric dancing puppets that usually are utilized as celebration components in the Caribbean area.  

Starting there, these inflatable air dancers have developed and altered for usage as an attention-grabbing advertising component in the condition that people see today. 

Inflatable air dancers are an affordable and effective method to grab engagement during large sales. They fold up to a compact size; thus, you can ship them economically. However, when you unfold them and connect them to a blower, they stand 20 feet, permitting awareness from far away. 

No other advertising method has such a vast power to grab attention so quickly. Inflatable air dancers are famous in different industry spheres, including service stations, car dealerships, auto repair shops, gas stations, retail stores, public gatherings, trade shows, sales, various stores, etc. 

The primary investment of inflatable air dancers is the blower. Once that purchase is made, one can change the costume colors easily and affordably. Inflatable air dancers are one of the best promotional tools for any setting you wish to grab attention. 

What are the inflatable air dancer costumes made of?

Inflatable air dancer costumes are simple and easy, making their use straightforward. They are compact for transforming from one place to the other, 

The inflatable air dancer costumes are made of nylon or polyester fabrics. They feature a drawstring closure or a zipper. There is a battery-operated fan inside the costume. This enables the inflated ness of the outfit once the individual puts it on. 

Inflatable air dancers make walkers happy.

Imagine walking at a fair, eating delicious foods, and experiencing different cultural aspects. As enjoyable as that is, it gets exhausting to one point; thus, you want to take a second or two for a breather. 

So, you take a break from everything, continue your walk and see a 20 feet tall yellow figure continuously moving in uncertain directions, making you laugh and energized for everything else that is about to come. 

Inflatable air dancers make walkers happy in any setting. In busy and stressful environments, everybody needs a little laugh. 

Whether operating a store or organizing a large-scale event, make your setting more inviting and friendly with the ever-so-happy inflatable air dancers that bring a smile to consumers’ faces with wavering movements.