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September 11, 2020, vizologi

Philosophy of remote work.

Remote working was a future trend that was beginning to be implemented since 2010 with different degrees of penetration that depended mostly on the type of company, the area of activity, and the state of technological advancement of the country, among other fundamental and cultural factors.

Within the Covid-19 pandemic that we are experiencing, more than a trend, it has become a primary need, in which we are all changing our work habits at great speed. It is not the same to work from home as to go to the office, the work itself will not change, but the environment in which you develop it will be different.

Your home is now your office, but it is not just about opening your computer and changing the work scenario. It is new business culture, a set of changing routines and habits, at the end of a change of mentality, an adaptation to the environment.

Suppose anyone can advise on how to work remotely. In that case, Basecamp, Jason Fried, published the book “Remote: Office Not Required” in 2013, and I have to tell you that he influenced us a lot when it came to opting for a remote and off-shore business structure.

They have been teaching us for more than 20 years how to work remotely; following their steps and readings in vizologi we implemented 100% the culture of working remotely from day one, working with various team profiles from different locations world.

Our culture has a fundamental premise that tries to seek and care for talent from anywhere in the world, understanding that it has no regional limits, nor is it limited to the central city where the office or base camp is installed.

To date, I have to say that it works extraordinarily well, and we are pleased with the small business structure. The first difficulty is implementing the concept of working from anywhere in the world and the second is how to work with different time slots.

There is no mystery; you have to kill the concept of URGENT. In our startup, the only urgent thing is a fall of the service; everything else can wait. We try to work about the IMPORTANT, in which everyone assumes more than a role, a responsibility on a set of very well defined tasks.

Working remotely by nature forces you to carry a very high discipline of the business organization, more than in presence, then take care to define perfectly what you want, break it down into tasks, and distribute the work through collaborative platforms.

You can use dozens of different applications and platforms to work remotely; there are software and media on the market that cover 100% of your remote work needs, that’s not the problem.

Try to forget the internal management processes and focus on a good configuration of these virtual platforms, which will be nothing more than your physical, virtual office.

In the digital and remote world, the analogical processes of a company’s management and operation are replaced by configurations of functionalities offered by online software.

This is the key to working remotely. Give a good thought to these collaborative platforms’ initial configurations, think about workflows, rather than processes, and translate those flows into customized configurations. Once you achieve this, the second step will be to maintain the discipline of updating these tools.

And finally, to create strong bonds of trust between workers, a company structure cannot function remotely if you don’t trust the one who is working more than 400,000 km away. This week we saw that in the face of the recent explosion of teleworking caused by the pandemic, the use of illegal employee surveillance applications, “those little trojans that some bosses install on your computers,” has skyrocketed.

All of this digital transformation and remote work will be of no use in your companies if you have not taken care of the essential things; Cultivate human relationships of trust among your workers. Remote work is an all-powerful tool for the company and for the freedom of the worker, when a human bond of trust is established, not by using ten collaborative software platforms at the same time, nor by spying on the employees, all part of how you establish trust bonds, about the organization is tremendously agile and straightforward using collaborative work tools.

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