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Services transforming businesses

We provide business model innovation services, combining AI tech as a catalyst along with our human expertise acquired analyzing the best business strategies around the world

How much?

We are the worldwide AI platform leader in business model design and innovation management software; our knowledge and expertise will help you reduce risks through market research and competitive analysis while offering unique and creative business strategies that will differentiate your business from others …



What’s included in our innovation services pack:

  • • Brainstorming ideas
  • • Product naming
  • • Market research
  • • Competitive analysis
  • • Trend research
  • • Mash-up innovation
  • • Business model canvas
  • • SWOT analysis
  • • PEST analysis
  • • Strategic insights

How the service works

This is how we do it

This is an on-demand and remote service; in the end, you will receive a final deliverable like this one; we combine the most sophisticated AI together with our strong human knowledge.
       We use HoneyBook as an all-in-one platform for client communication, contracts, and invoices, to manage the end-to-end client management process during the project in a quick and straightforward user experience through desktop and mobile.



Project Delivery


Step by step guide

1. Launching

Clients (You) send us the first briefing via our online form.

2. Proposal

We (Vizologi) prepare a proposal based on your briefing.

3. Agreement

Client validates the proposal and sign the contract.

4. Execution

We built the strategy and design a bussiness model.

(20 working days)

5. Delivery

We send you the final set of delieverable documents.

6. Payment

Client proceeds to make payment.

What our clients says

Your success is our motivation

A letter from our CEO

"My vision was to create an AI-powered bussiness model tool, the most sophisticated product to inspire the bussiness model not written yet"

Pedro Trillo
Founder and CEO at Vizologi

Hello, I’m Pedro Trillo, founder and CEO at Vizologi, entrepreneur, telecommunications engineer, and renowned business strategist within the innovation industry and I will be your customized business designer.

Vizologi was born five years ago, mixing my two passions, on the one hand, high technology, on the other hand, innovation, strategy, business, startups, and disruption.

Building vizologi has been the most complex problem challenge that I faced in my life; my vision was to create an AI-powered business model tool, the most sophisticated software product to inspire the business model not written yet, synthesizing data into new user experiences that brings high value-added innovation to my clients.

But it never was an easy road, and firstly I had to compromise myself to analyze the business models changing our world. Dedicating more than 3,000 hours of business analysis, I intended to master this discipline as a human before creating a unique AI tool.

So the journey started in January 2017 analyzing more than 2,000 companies from Fortune 500 to the latest blockchain-based startups, involving the 10 main industry sectors, and categorized in more than 50 industry categories; once I did this exercise, I crossed all the data with more than 200 business patterns that rule the world economy.

Do not think I have superpowers; I am a human like you. Still, I have dedicated a lot of time, effort, and work to the study of business models driven by my innovative spirit and the desire to learn, so much so that I have been able to create the most advanced technological tool to create the business models not yet written.

I am looking forward to meeting you; Contact me on the form.

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