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January 18, 2024, vizologi

Steps to Advance in Value Innovation

Are you looking to improve your business? Value innovation could be the key. It’s a strategy to help you stand out in today’s competitive market. By creating a unique product or service that meets your customers’ needs in a new and innovative way, you can set yourself apart and create new growth opportunities.

In this article, we’ll explore the steps to advance in value innovation and take your business further.

Understanding New Value Creation

What Does Making Something Valuable Mean?

Factors that make something valuable:

  • Radical ideas that greatly benefit customers
  • Rethinking industry norms
  • Meeting the needs of most buyers

Value creation can:

  • Attract new customers
  • Increase market share
  • Boost sales revenue

Measuring value creation:


  • Virgin Atlantic’s shift to focus on business-class passengers
  • NIO’s ‘Battery as a Service’ plan for electric vehicle buyers

Innovation strategy tied to value is crucial for unlocking new buyer demand.

The Reasons Why Creating Value Matters

Creating value in business and innovation is really important. It helps companies stand out in a crowded marketplace by offering unique and superior products or services to customers. This focus on value creation brings several benefits. It helps attract new customers, keep existing ones, and ultimately increase market share and revenue. When businesses create new value, they can achieve success and growth by meeting customer needs and preferences.

This approach also allows companies to provideboth differentiation and low cost at the same time, unlocking new buyer demand and ensuring long-term success and sustainability.

First Steps in Value Creation

How to Begin Creating More Worth

To create more value in life, people can use strategies like shaping industry conditions, focusing on what most buyers want, and making changes to their offerings to attract specific markets. For instance, a budget hotel chain in France changed the industry by offering affordable and high-quality accommodations for budget-conscious travelers, meeting the majority of customers’ desire for a good night’s sleep at a low price.

People can also find opportunities for creating value and innovation in their personal and professional pursuits by removing features that don’t add value or simplify products or services that have been overly designed to match competitors. They can also enhance high-value features without compromising and introduce new features not found in their industry.

For example, NIO, a Chinese electric car manufacturer, successfully created new buyer demand with a ‘Battery as a Service’ plan that addressed adoption obstacles, highlighting the importance of anchoring innovation strategy to value.

What You Need to Make Value Innovation Work

Must-Haves for Success in Making New Value

To succeed in creating new value, you need to focus on a few essential factors and resources:

  1. Identify radical ideas that bring significant value to customers.
  2. Concentrate on what the majority of buyers value.
  3. Shape industry conditions.

To ensure successful value innovation, you should consider:

  • Changing your offering to capture your identified market.
  • Getting rid of features that have no value for customers.
  • Creating new features that the industry has never offered before.

These must-haves for success in creating new value differ from traditional business practices because they:

  • Emphasize equal importance on value and innovation.
  • Break the value-cost trade-off.
  • Pursue both differentiation and low cost at the same time.

This approach challenges the commonly accepted dogmas of competition-based strategy by focusing on value innovation that places equal emphasis on value and innovation.

Learning from Others

Stories of Successful Value Innovation

The blog talked about successful value innovation stories. These stories showed how a combination of factors contributed to their achievements. The individuals or organizations in the stories found new ways to create value by challenging the existing norms and traditions of their industries. They asked, “What if we started fresh?” This led them to approach their business strategies with a pioneering mindset, creating entirely new market spaces.

One important factor in their success was their ability to focus on what the majority of buyers valued. They shaped their offerings to capture the identified market. They also removed features that provided no value to customers and simplified overdesigned products to meet customer demands more effectively.

Value innovation had its challenges. The innovators had to redefine industry norms and convince potential customers to accept their unconventional offerings. They overcame these challenges by deeply understanding the needs and values of their target audience, which led to rapid growth and market share.

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