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July 13, 2020, vizologi

The Rules of Customer-Centric Innovation.

The virtue consists in creating a permanent gravitational field that revolves around your client; it is simple, that he notices your presence. Still, without being overwhelmed, the magnetic fields are transparent. They exist, they are there, but nobody sees them, they create attraction, but the threads are never seen.

In the delicacy is the virtue. The art is in collecting the feedback without your customers feel invaded in their privacy, or with their time. Try to avoid the effect of persecution or spam. We all like to buy, no one wants to be sold, or feel uncomfortable in the experience with a product or service.

We do not ask customers directly, nor call them, nor bother them with emails. We let them find their site within a liquid experience of the product offered as a service.

In an invaluable way, without knowing it, they leave us their bread crumbs throughout the experience.

They are the ones who show us the way to go. We walk that path.

When the client decides to contact us, we make them feel like the most special person in the world. With humility and honesty, we establish a sincere dialogue. We explain to them that we are a small startup and that thanks to their trust, we are creating something unique.

We make them feel like participants in what is happening internally, and we explain to them that we lead the company for them, not for us.

In the same way, the one that comes with bad intentions, or the one that comes from fraud against the platform, dispatch it in a clear, direct, and concise way. You must take care of your clients, and you must defend yourself from fraudsters, these are not clients, they are parasites that have entered your system.

Get rid of them, always politely, but without falling into their traps.

Kill the ego, kill the navel of your companies’ world, nothing digital or analog will work or flourish.

If you create companies that revolve around what you have inside, you will create a kind of black hole that will absorb everything.

The company’s focus should be on your clients, on what you have outside, on their problems, on solving their tasks and helping them in their aspirations.

Suppose we continue to revolve around our egos and aspirations. We will have the answer to our inner ego, but not to the specific needs of our clients.

Clients have never had more power than they do now, and in the digital world, remember that each client is both a producer and a consumer. Being a “prosumer” in itself changes the rules of the game. Being a “prosumer” means participating and producing as a client within the organization.

Work close to the client, let him notice you and feel that he is the protagonist of your company. In a world overloaded with information and offers, nothing will make more sense than treating your client with empathy.

The differentiation in the future will come from how you manage that human virtue, nothing has to do with technology.

Every little detail will add up. Companies will not differentiate themselves by the originality or differentiation of the products or services they sell, if not by the detail. It can be an answer to doubt, or maybe it is the kind of language you establish.

Understand that for your client to be the center, in the map of processes of your company you will have to take into account the user as the trigger or closure of each process, review your procedures, and you will realize that in the vast majority of them did not even appear the customer, everything adds or subtracts in the customer experience.

As it is conceptualized, the root digitalization offers you a unique opportunity to know your customer from their first contact with your brand until the last step of the cancellation of the service.

Being digital, in part, means that throughout the user experience, you will be able to establish a point of communication.

Innovation in itself, by nature, should not be limited to the resources available in your company, in an open and collaborative resource.

Understand that this is a capricious resource. The component of inspiration can be found anywhere, or in any conversation with anyone.

Still, ultimately any innovation must be validated by the end customer; your satisfaction will be the indicator of the degree of innovation.

The most effective innovation occurs when we understand what the needs and desires of our customers are.

Make them participate in your change in your business culture, that they know that they are part of the company’s heart.

That they are not just there to pay the bill for a product or service, but that they are part of the change your company proposes, ultimately, of the future innovation.

They are the purpose of innovation in your company.

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