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September 24, 2018, vizologi


Mozart died young, ruined and most likely poisoned. Yes, it is not the refrain of a song, we are talking about the reality of the most exceptional musical talent in the history of all time.

Joseph II, the Austrian emperor who ruled at that time, dismissed him as irreverent and revolutionary, after the end of the first opera commissioned “The Rapture in the Seraglio” the governor told him:

“Too beautiful this opera to our ears and too many notes in them, my dear Mozart.”

The composer replied: “Majesty, he has just the notes that were needed.”

The second opportunity offered was based on giving piano lessons to the niece of monarch, again it was rejected it seems that by his unorthodox or politically incorrect manners, Mozart never came to understand that they valued him more for the political interpretations they made about his ideas that for his talent in itself, a part he realized that it was not an assignment that was up to him.

It is speculated that Salieri, the composer of the court chamber and the number one fan of Wolfgang Amadeus could accompany the musician in his last hours, it is more the rumor that he could poison him, unable to assume such beauty and musical purity, the Italian ended his last days in a madhouse trapped and obsessed with genius.

The talent today and more than ever is very fashionable, spurred with the digital revolution and the movement of Silicon Valley, in an article, video or content of coaching, we see everyday messages that lead to a crisis in which resource consultants humans run desperately in search of lost treasure.

The talent has been, is and will always be there, each one of us has at least one hidden talent, talent management is what has always been in crisis, as a rule, it is not understood, and we still do not know how to apply it most wisely.

Everything begins with oneself, by your self-discovery, it is a continuous exercise of R + D + i, you can discover it as Mozart at 4 years old or as José Saramago at 60, talent understands neither age nor rules preconceived, is not based on “luck”, nor on having good contacts, neither in politics, nor in relationships, nor in getting rich, nor in bosses, nor in climate change, nor in salaries, nor in your cousin of Cuenca, it is a natural force that is encompassed in several dimensions, begins with the personal and ends with social recognition.

For research we tend to think about the search for our passions; passion does not stop being like a unicorn among nature, you’ve always heard it exists, but you can spend your whole life looking for it without success. When in reality we must focus on our strengths, on those natural gifts we have, if you still do not know them you can use tools like the best seller of Strengths Finder 2.0 to discover you.

When you find what you are good at, you will go to the development phase, and without realizing it will become your passion, that is the way.

Once you know your strengths, you must plan an action plan for each of your strengths; it can be the creation of a blog, rescue the polaroid from the storage room or buy four boxes of chopsticks. ACT

Bridging the bridges of action will lead you towards innovation and implantation. In this phase, you socialize, share and look for the tribe in which you can amplify your talent, here the important thing is to avoid José II and Salieri, in favor of those who show enough greatness to discover your expertise and help you amplify it.

This phase is not trivial, think about what Mozart could have done if he had lived 80 years and if in the first decision about his talent he had not been judged as a provocateur “because his opera had many notes”.

That act relegated him to develop his works poorly between second and hurry theaters to pay rent, even so, it left us the best musical work in history.

The problem is compounded when we see that in global work studies only 13% of the world’s working population recognizes that their work and passion are part of perfect symbiosis.

This is where the real drama is, I refuse to think that we live in a global society where 87% of the population has no talent, that is not true, I believe that 100% of the population has at least one skill, the big problem is how we are managing and wasting this talent, both individually and collectively.

How do we activate the levers for discovery, development, and implementation? By aligning personal purposes and passions with business and community goals, there can be no nobler objective than to strengthen your strengths, develop your talents, achieve accomplishment by enriching collective productivity.

In the century of creativity, we need to discover many Mozarts, we have and will have technological tools that will facilitate that perfect union, the platform models based on aggregation, socialization, mobilization, and learning will facilitate the creation of ecosystems in which the mapping converges of talents with real social, political and economic needs.

Hopefully, in twenty years, we write this article reversing the trend, in which 87% of the population develops its talent fully against 13% who did not have the opportunity or did not know how to do it.

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