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February 13, 2023, vizologi

6 Tools to Automate Email Marketing Campaign.

Some people think email marketing campaigns are a thing of the past, yet they cannot be any further from the truth as this type of marketing receives a new life these days and implements new advertisement and creative design methods. Large and small companies implement the practice on a regular basis to add more personalization to the process and let people know about things that interest them the most based on their shopping history and website visits. As a rule, this process requires time and automation, so it’s essential to implement relevant tools to keep things polished and under control. 

6 Tools to Automate Email Marketing Campaign 

1. MailChimp. It’s free for up to 2,000 contacts, which is great for one of the most popular systems that allow keeping your email campaigns custom and designed based on included tools. It has a good interface and includes helpful templates to let you start even if you have little experience in digital marketing. If you still feel stuck, just think about the key elements that you have to add and approach TopEssayWriting for all your writing, formatting, and structure needs. Sometimes you only have to get in touch with an expert to get the right tone to make it sound good! 

2. HubSpot. 

This system probably needs no introduction these days! It is an all-in-one system to manage your email and marketing needs. Still, it’s quite expensive for most people, so choose it only when you have an already established business and need to base your work on user behavior patterns. 

3. GetResponse. 

You can also get landing page-building features with this one, along with automation tools. It’s one of the fastest systems ever to consider if you can work fast and already have all of your materials ready for posting. Consider using the best essay writing services, as you still have to keep your grammar and logic up to the marketing standards. It will help you to keep things accurate and avoid repetition as you apply various automation methods. 

4. Drip.

It can work with large chunks of data, so it’s useful for larger email campaigns or even newsletters. Likewise, it has a great user interface and implements various schemes for those lengthy sessions. You can use HTML templates and add some code to your email marketing campaigns, which is a great bonus to consider. 


It’s good for medium-sized businesses and provides an unlimited number of contacts. It’s also GDPR-compliant, which is great for European branches. Not only that, but it’s affordable for those marketing specialists who want to choose something different.

6. Active Campaign. 

It’s one of the most flexible systems to consider that will fit any system and company. While the learning curve still requires some time, it’s one of the best automation software that constantly improves because of the amazing customer support and CRM interface. It’s affordable, so you can use your marketing skills or see here what is required to make things work for you. If you want to choose something that will include both basic and advanced features, it’s one of the safe options to consider. If you are only starting in the world of email marketing, it’s also one of the friendliest solutions! 

Freebies and Campaigns 

When you are creating an email campaign, remember to offer freebies and special competitions to keep people inspired. It is one of the ways to keep a person’s attention span by listing something that will instantly generate some interest. Add information about it in the subject line as it will help to know what’s next. Using campaigns should include various sociocultural elements as you have to show what your company stands for and help people remain aware of all the latest events. It will help to make your email content more vivid and showcase your attitude. 


Mary Herd is a business analyst who loves to explore technology and the best ways to implement education in the digital realm. She loves to write about digital marketing, innovative technologies, and ways to achieve success. Follow Mary to take your business skills to another level and always stay inspired. 

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