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How Vizologi uses A.I.

1Content acquistion

We crawl millions of different sources every day, from financial news and business information to company blogs.

2Information extraction

Our proprietary AI models identify various entities (sectors, categories, business patterns, and companies) and relationships between them.

3Organization identification

Organization entities are linked to unique IDs (with domains) in our database for further manipulations.

4Manual verification

We employ data analysts who monitor and verify data on a daily basis to ensure the data is of highest quality.

This is our roadmap


This is the early stage of the travel, in fact we’re just at the beginning of this new exploration of ways to analyze more companies and business trends, which will lead to another data science level.


The data itself will be processed, enhancing our predictions and recommendations by using machine learning towards a delightful, unique business digital experience.


If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. We believe and we work hard to create your business cognitive assistant that, based on AI, will be able to create a personalized business model for you.

Vizologi, as you know it today, is just the beginning. Come with us and enjoy the journey.