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Somewhere in La Mancha…

Ossa de Montiel © 2016 David Mirete

Story and “aha!” moment

…in a place whose name I do not care to remember, Pedro and David started a conversation between technology and innovation. They let imagination fly trying to find the magic product not written yet. Vizologi was being born without any pretense more than having a good time and enjoy life, on the way they thought how they could share those moments with all the people and then everything started!

Many walks of life, just one mission

We may be spread remotely across the globe – from Denpasar to Valparaíso, from Quebec to Goa – but we’re all united by one goal: To inspire the business models not written yet.

How we do?

Always at your service. We are a human-centered innovation company; we listen to our clients as the most valuable asset in our strategy, from operations to product, we lead the organization for you, not for us. We are data-driven natives, we create data, we process data, we transform data, we generate actionable insights based in our data to guide our decision making. We build our products based on the Agile principles. We work remotely, we believe that talent has no boundaries.

What we do?

We help companies through vision, strategy, and creativity. We aim to rethink business model design by using advanced technology platforms. We develop tools to create innovative business strategies.

Above all, we follow our passions

We are a generation of creators. Makers. Questioners. Challengers. Innovators. Thinkers. And above all, a generation of doers.

Pedro Trillo

CEO and Founder

Aniket Betkikar


David Mirete

Head of Product

Anu Gola

Customer Support Manager

Vialli Gonsalves

Full Stack Developer

Tomás Guillen

Business Angel and Advisor