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Vizologi is a “tech-geek” business design company.

Vizologi was born from the seed of conversation between two friends about technology and innovation, where we let imagination fly trying to find the magic product, service or business not written yet.

Without any pretense more than having a good time and enjoy the moment, on the way we thought how we could share these moments with all the people and then everything started!

We help companies through vision, strategy, and creativity. We aim to rethink business model design by using advanced technology platforms. We are working on vizo, a web application tool that will help you to find the right answers to all your business questions. Meanwhile, you can enjoy our business model canvas examples for free forever.

We believe

Every human is creative

Vizologi builds human-centered platforms to unlock creativity, amplifying your intuition through knowledge and experience.

Everything is changing

Vizologi realizes the speed of our modern liquid times, understanding that in the present we build the business of the future.

Technology is the key

Vizologi embraces the technology transformation force to empower people, achieving new challenges.

Vizo is a platform that will let you search, analyze and visualize the world’s collective business model intelligence to help answer strategic questions, towards creating infinite combination ways into your business model design.

Creating an innovation method based on business patterns recognition. We investigated in depth the triggers that lead your mind into creative thinking; when you recognize a pattern, you learn it, predict it, recognize it and implement it.

In the same way that a musician, painter or chess player combines patterns to create a new masterpiece, you can do it to invent a new business model too.

Are you ready?

This is our roadmap


This is the early stage of the travel, in fact we’re just at the beginning of this new exploration of ways to analyse more companies and business trends, which will lead to another big data level.


The data itself will be processed, enhancing our predictions and recommendations by using machine learning towards a delightful, unique business digital experience.


If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. We believe and we work hard to create your business cognitive assistant that, based on AI, will be able to create a personalized business model for you.

Vizo, as you know it today, is just the beginning.Come with us and enjoy the journey ; )

Stay tuned!

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