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December 5, 2023, vizologi

Trends in Brand Naming: What’s Hot Today

Brand naming is a non-trivial task, significantly shaping its appeal in the commercial world. It becomes essential for businesses to tailor their brand names to align with ever-changing consumer trends and language tendencies. This piece delves into the evolving trends in brand naming, providing helpful pointers that companies can employ while choosing a name, to create a powerful and lasting impression.

Emerging Single Dictionary Word Selections

Noteworthy Single Word Names in Fintechs

Single-word fintech brand names, particularly those of startups with substantial seed funding, have been catching on. This trend, fueled by innovative brands such as Stripe, Block (formerly Square), and Plaid, sees businesses choosing well-known words over unique ones. Similar behavior can be observed among biotech startups, which have started to avoid traditional life science-related names.

On the other hand, playfully altered versions of common words continue to capture the fancy of startup founders. This trend sparks dialogues about the propensity of some startups to affix ‘AI’ to their names to signal an association with this cutting-edge technology.

Innovative Misspelled Names

Popular Misspellings in Brand Names

Brands are increasingly choosing creatively misspelled words as part of their names. This could involve altering familiar words, for example changing ‘Fruity’ to ‘Frooti’ to create a unique and catchy identity. These changes may also be made to project a particular brand personality or appeal, such as a modern or futuristic vibe. Yet, it is key to maintain accessibility and easy recall while making these changes; unnecessary complexity can hinder brand discovery and recall.

The Rise of Branded Names in Biotechs

Examples of Branding in Biotechnology

Biotechnology startups are shifting from conventional scientific names, tending towards those befitting tech startups. Such unique and bold names infuse an element of creativity into the biotech industry. AI-centric startups prompt diverse opinions among naming practitioners by introducing ‘AI’ in their branding to highlight their tech alignment.

Brand Naming with AI

Random Words Paired with ‘AI’

The trend of pairing ‘AI’ with unrelated words is picking up steam in the context of brand naming. Used primarily by AI-centered startups, the technique underscores the brand’s bond with emergent tech, despite evoking mixed reactions. This strategy is fueled by the substantial investment influx into AI startups. For instance, combining words like ‘Spark’ or ‘Insight’ with ‘AI’ yields a compelling brand name that resonates with their prospective audience.

It reflects the surging relevance of AI across sectors and the eagerness of companies to demonstrate their close ties with this transformative tech.

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