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January 10, 2023, vizologi

AI content writing vs human content: best decision for digital marketing needs.

Content is at the core of marketing and is part of every website, social media account, book, and so on. However, creating content that catches the attention of the audience and engages it might feel challenging during these times. There are lots of websites that are similar and offer the same information, and businesses and organizations that try to persuade visitors to choose them over other competitors. 

Marketing is constantly evolving, and new tools and strategies are at the base of the target audience’s engagement. The hottest topic in this domain nowadays, the topic that is under the spotlight, is ai generated content. How does it compare with human-generated data? As new AI tools that generate content are invented and launched, how does the content they create compare with the one written by humans? Which is the best decision for digital marketing needs? 

The Quality of Content 

As one of the marketing goals is to improve the brand’s awareness, it must do it carefully and correctly. So, the content you will post on your website or social media account must be correct and represent the brand’s image. AI tools can quickly generate content, but they do this based on the internet’s content. Most of this created content is written by humans, so it just recycles the existing content. 

So, even though the AI tools can instantly generate texts with how many words you want and on whatever topic you want, their quality might not be as good as the text written by humans. Students who study in college and learn about distinct topics might know this too well. If they need support with writing, they get help from professional writers who can do my papers. Through this, students can learn from professionals who already know the requirements texts need to respect. But they can also expand their knowledge considerably. So, when it comes to the quality of content, human-generated content might be better, even though AI content is generated faster. 

The Creative Process

Another thing you should look into is the creative process. An honest comparison between human-generated and AI-generated content will show that humans have a better grasp of this process than AI. Humans feel emotions and feelings, they think. They can express all these through writing and their personal lens. 

However, AI has no feelings or emotions. It can recycle texts written by humans, but this does not mean they will be relatable. Humans can make connections machines cannot think about. So, when it comes to creativity, human-generated content is more creative and original than the one generated by AI. 

The Costs and Effectiveness 

You might be now working on content for a website. One of your goals might be to generate traffic on your website and catch the attention of your target audience. If you were to compare the texts generated by AI tools and those written by humans, those generated by AI are more effective. The AI scans the internet and has instant access to all the articles written and published online, so it generates the content faster than a human would write it. 

From the point of cost and effectiveness, AI-generated content is better than the one generated by humans. Sometimes, searching for a content writer who can represent your brand awareness, a committed and dedicated human, might feel like a challenge. This process of finding a suitable writer takes time and is costly, but this does not apply to an AI tool. You have to install it, sign up for an account, and then set the instructions and requirements, and the text will be generated in a matter of minutes. 

Final Thoughts 

If you are working in the digital marketing domain and need a content creator, you might consider the advantages and disadvantages of hiring one. As AI-generated content is now under the spotlight, you may wonder if the content generated by it is better than the one written by humans. They both have pros and cons. AI-generated content is more cost-effective and is generated faster. But the human-generated content has that touch of emotion and feeling, that creativity that AI tools cannot beat. 

Bio lines: David Santana is a content writer and blogger passionate about marketing. He usually writes articles on topics such as marketing, brand awareness, and writing skills. David thinks that you can improve your writing skills considerably by reading and being part of a community of writers. 

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