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NewTechKids business model | How does NewTechKids make money?

NewTechKids Business Model

NewTechKids, an Amsterdam-based organization, it develops computer science and programming education for primary school students. They develop curricu...
Storybird business model | How does Storybird make money?

Storybird Business Model

Storybird Inc. operates a platform for writers, readers, and artists to create, read, and share visual stories. It curates artwork from illustrators a...
Catarse business model | How does Catarse make money?

Catarse Business Model

Catarse is a funding platform that enables users to raise money for creative projects in Brazil collaboratively. Projects include music, cinema, socia... business model | How does make money? Business Model

Kickstarter is an American public-benefit corporation based in Brooklyn, New York which has built a global crowdfunding platform focused on creativity...
Camiseteria business model | How does Camiseteria make money?

Camiseteria Business Model

The Camiseteria is the ultimate in fashionista democracy. As a member of their community, you can send as many prints as you like and vote for all who...
Swatch business model | How does Swatch make money?

Swatch Business Model

Swatch is a Swiss fashion brand that creates designer jewelries and watches for its worldwide users. The first Swatch watch appeared on the Swiss mark...