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IBM The Ottawa Hospital business model | How does IBM The Ottawa Hospital make money?

IBM The Ottawa Hospital Business Model

IBM Watson Health has created a way to help you gain control and confidence in running your business to maximize your organizational capability for su...
Doctor On Demand business model | How does Doctor On Demand make money?

Doctor On Demand Business Model

Doctor On Demand provides fast, easy and cost-effective access to some of the best doctors, psychologists, and other healthcare providers in the count...
Humana business model | How does Humana make money?

Humana Business Model

Humana Inc. is an American Louisville, Kentucky-based for-profit health insurance company. Humana Inc. (Humana), incorporated on July 27, 1964, is a h...
UnitedHealth Group business model | How does UnitedHealth Group make money?

UnitedHealth Group Business Model

UnitedHealth Group Inc. is an American managed health care company based in Minnetonka, Minnesota. UnitedHealth Group offers products and services thr...
American Well business model | How does American Well make money?

American Well Business Model

American Well Corporation operates an online marketplace that offers software, services, and access to clinical services. The company offers a mobile ...
HealthTap business model | How does HealthTap make money?

HealthTap Business Model

HealthTap Inc. operates an online platform that connects people looking for health information to a network of doctors who answer their health questio...