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Six Flags business model | How does Six Flags make money?

Six Flags Business Model

Six Flags Entertainment Corporation, or simply Six Flags, is the world's largest amusement park corporation based on a number of properties in the Uni...
Chariot business model | How does Chariot make money?

Chariot Business Model

Chariot Transit Inc. provides crowd-sourced commuting services in San Francisco, California. It also provides charter services to consumers and compan...
Arcade City business model | How does Arcade City make money?

Arcade City Business Model

Arcade city is a ride sharing company, much like Uber, the big difference is that Arcade City leaves the power in the hands of its users. While Uber c...
La'Zooz business model | How does La'Zooz make money?

La'Zooz Business Model

La`Zooz is a Decentralized Transportation Platform owned by the community and utilizing vehicles` unused space to create a variety of smart transporta...
Zoomcar business model | How does Zoomcar make money?

Zoomcar Business Model

Zoom is India's first 100% self-drive focused car rental company (no chauffeurs). Zoom is a membership-based service that allows individuals to rent v...
JUMP business model | How does JUMP make money?

JUMP Business Model

JUMP Bikes is building the future of urban mobility: shared electric bikes that are the quickest, most enjoyable, and most empowering way to get aroun...