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Pandora business model | How does Pandora make money?

Pandora Business Model

Pandora Media, Inc. is a music discovery platform, offering a personalized experience for each of its listeners wherever and whenever they want to lis...
Hulu business model | How does Hulu make money?

Hulu Business Model

Hulu is a go-to service for online TV. The company operates an ad-supported website that allows viewers to watch online video content -- TV s...
CUPS business model | How does CUPS make money?

CUPS Business Model

CUPS is a mobile app that was launched in New York City in April 2014. It acts as mobile payment and discovery platform for independent coffee shops. ...
Mobility Carsharing business model | How does Mobility Carsharing make money?

Mobility Carsharing Business Model

Mobility Carsharing is a Swiss cooperative of car sharing. It covers almost all organized carsharing in Switzerland. Mobility offers 2.700 vehicles at...
Graze business model | How does Graze make money?

Graze Business Model

Graze is a United Kingdom-based snack company which offers over 200 snack combinations through snack subscription boxes, an online shop and retailers....
Manpacks business model | How does Manpacks make money?

Manpacks Business Model

Manpacks is a quarterly subscription service offering men's underwear, socks, toiletries and other basic needs. Buyers create their pack with offered ...