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March 21, 2023, vizologi

Edtech in the 21st Century: Opportunities and Challenges for Students.

During the past three years, many industries were challenged to evolve and modernize quickly. The main reason the majority of these attempts were successful is the mass use of technology. Transport, the financial sector, trading, and healthcare are just a few examples of revolutionized industries. Online classes and digital learning dispelled doubts and manifested that the education system can be a part of this movement too.

When 21st century skills technology met the education, both teachers and students largely benefited from it. The list of different modern teaching forms is quite long. Starting with learning apps, video conferencing software, or educational games followed by various learning management systems (LMS). Social media sites are home to many educational forums and discussion groups. Although still developing, educational technology (Edtech) offers numerous efficient ways to use technology for teaching and learning purposes.  

The Importance of Practical Use

Young generations grew up with the presence of digital technology. It’s their natural habitat. For them, the embracing technology part has already been done. What most 21st century students are looking for is its implementation. Essentially, if the educational system offers them a practical way to overcome the challenges of the learning process easier and faster they’re already open to it. However, technological literacy is not the only key factor for Edtech development. Explaining its real purpose and not using it simply as a form of shortcut is an equally important task for educators to face with.

There is a good reason why technology is the subject of many essay topics. As a civilization, while implementing it we are developing and learning at the same time. Therefore, analyzing the impact of technology on society in essay is beneficial for students on more than one level. This is also an example of how GradesFixer and other similar services can be used as a source of inspiration, knowledge, and support. In this particular case, reading professionally written free essays on this subject is not only an opportunity to learn how to write college papers. It’s also a convenient possibility to form an educated opinion while contemplating both the positive and negative effects of technology on each generation and society in general.

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Developing New Skills and Independent Thinking

For all those wondering why is educational technology important let’s start by pointing out that students can use numerous online resources. They can not only access them quicker, but sometimes it’s even possible to choose between written, audio, and video form. With countless resources at their disposal, they can save time and expect a higher degree of flexibility while carrying out their research. Even the newest findings and data are just a few clicks away. This is an opportunity for students to keep their knowledge up-to-date and gives them the courage to actively contribute to the subject.

 If implemented properly, Edtech concepts should simplify the learning process significantly. Eventually, students become more confident using their knowledge. With independent thinking skills developed, they are ready to be more self-reliant and in charge of the personal learning process. Once students get familiar with new technological opportunities they are no longer simply consumers of educators’ knowledge. Their role changes to active participants. Along with this new narrative educators have a different purpose too. Their tasks are to guide, keep students engaged and support individual journeys.  

Issues and Concerns

The process of replacing old learning systems with Edtech comes with a fair share of challenges. Transformation can sometimes become painful for the most trivial reasons. Low internet speed, incompatible apps, or updates with glitches are just a few most common cases. These and other technical issues can negatively affect students’ engagement and make them discouraged, confused, and overwhelmed.

There are also some social concerns regarding Edtech implementation. With 21st century technology in education working perfectly the realistic concern becomes how to protect pedagogy within the learning process. Preventing tools from becoming the purpose doesn’t mean giving up Edtech altogether. It means finding the right ways to effectively use technology and making the educational process efficient, comfortable, and even entertaining.  

In conclusion – good news for Edtech

According to market experts’ predictions, during the next seven years, the Edtech market will constantly grow to reach an annual growth rate between 13 – 18%. Edtech jobs are in demand since 2019 and rising, even after the pandemic. This trend will probably last for quite a while. Subsequently, the IT industry should feel the positive influence of Edtech trending. So should universities with online studying options and majors in educational technology-related courses.

Author’s Bio David Santana is an education and technology enthusiast. He strongly believes that the future of our society depends on the development of new education models. David is not only writing about this topic but also about education platforms created to help students learn more engagingly and effectively.

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