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February 13, 2023, vizologi

How ChatGPT Can Improve Your Content Marketing.

Two months after its launch in November, the number of ChatGPT users reached 100 million unique visitors, and it keeps going up. The frenzy surrounding this new AI-based chatbot is understandable because it seems to be a step ahead of traditional search engines. Instead of returning a list of websites to your search, sorted according to the degree to which they are SEO-friendly, ChatGPT offers ready-made summaries that are logically structured.

While ChatGPT can be useful for users in almost any field of activity, it can be of particular use for those involved in content marketing. Keep reading to learn more about the specific benefits.

Helps generate new ideas

When it comes to effective content marketing, it is important to constantly come up with new and fresh ideas. At times, you might feel like you are stuck or in a rut. That is when Chat GPT comes in really handy. You can simply ask the AI chatbot to help you with that. Within a few seconds, you will get a round-up of ideas you can review and choose from.

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Helps test assumptions

On a similar note, you might want to test some of the underlying assumptions for your content. Marketing strategies are usually based on market research, survey results, and some assumptions that are key to overall success. If you get these wrong, all your efforts are likely to go south. Use ChatGPT to validate your key assumptions to increase the likelihood of success.

Helps validate the originality of ideas or concepts

Sometimes, the idea you think is innovative and new might have already been conceived and utilized by someone else. Make sure you validate the originality of your concept. Just post a question to see if some other content writer, marketing expert, or marketing campaign has already used the same or similar idea elsewhere in the world. Even if it has been, you could give it a new or different spin.

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Helps generate keywords 

ChatGPT is also a great resource for generating keywords for your content, meta titles, meta descriptions, and articles. No need to go through multiple websites or use paid resources to generate them. ChatGPT will return your request with a nice summary with a list of useful keywords you can use. Not only is this efficient, but it is also time-saving. 

Helps with strategy

When developing your marketing strategy, you can rely on ChatGPT to propose useful ideas about your strategy and approaches. One trick is to pose your question formulated in different ways. Every time ChatGPT might return slightly different answers. Each response might contain slightly different information you can use to enrich your campaign approaches. Research skills are key for a successful content writer, and you should read this article to learn more about the core skills you need to develop on a regular basis.

Final Thoughts

ChatGPT is touted as a revolutionary AI chatbot with features and capacities exceeding those of traditional search engines. Whether you agree with this or not, ChatGPT has already proven to be a useful resource. Make sure you make the most of it to create top-quality content.


Mary Herd is an experienced writer, marketing specialist, and technology guru. She posts regular reviews of the latest trends in technology and digital marketing. Mary is one of the first reviewers of new products that hit the market. Her followers love Mary’s reviews for their deep analyses and useful tips.

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