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October 8, 2017, vizologi

How Digital transformation impact in your business strategy.

How Digital transformation impact in your business strategy.

With rapidly evolving technologies that transform what is possible, it is more important than ever to give voice machines the ability to run on data and provide proactive services before negative customer experiences can occur. The digital era has stimulated innovation in the business model, as technology radically changed the way businesses operate and provide services to customers.

Companies, located among rivals to attract new customers, are increasingly taking digital initiatives aimed at expanding or building digital capabilities that aim to increase business efficiency or improve revenue growth.

The NPC Digital Transformation Program aims to change the way the social sector works by supporting the implementation of digital technologies.

An audience of 150 technology and business leaders have explored the impact of digital transformation on health care, the financial services industry and customer experience.

The challenge of leadership in change management is a constant part of the life of IT executives, especially nowadays, when so many companies are undertaking digital transition initiatives.

Managers digitally transform three core areas of their businesses: customer experience, operational processes, and business models.

The digital transition agenda will evolve as the obstacles are removed, the strategy will be implemented, and the benefits will be reaped.

The three top elements that help companies transform their customers’ experience digitally are customer understanding, development at the highest level and contact points. [9]

This includes changing leadership, thinking differently, promoting innovation and new business models, digitizing assets, and using technology to enhance the experience of your company’s employees, customers, suppliers, partners, and stakeholders.

Virtually every successful company uses the transformation of digital business processes to create competitive advantages.

Optimizing a customer experience requires a company to identify all the technologies, processes, capabilities and transitions necessary to deliver an exceptional customer experience. 

Once a client’s journey has been planned from start to finish, companies can focus on how digitization can make every touch point better, faster and more efficient, and integrate them all into one coherent whole.

Critical observations and findings of global IT decision-makers on digital challenges and the impact of the business they experience in trying to transform their business.

Advanced digital companies regularly analyze their operations and investments regarding data compatibility across all aspects of customer travel – cost analysis, conversion patterns and customer engagement – as well as the wider competitive environment.

He has extensive experience as a member of senior management in both the telecommunications and retail sectors, has successfully conducted extensive IT operations and implemented comprehensive business transformation initiatives.

Companies need to be able to quickly change elements of their digital products and processes to keep pace with the ability of the competition to generate new and innovative on-demand customer experiences.

The elimination of dependencies is critical if companies want to develop new digital capabilities and sell them to an increasing number of customer segments with different needs.

Digitalization requires the creation of cyclical dynamics, in which processes and capabilities continually evolve in response to customer signals.

Digital technologies combined with integrated information enable companies to leverage global synergies and respond locally. 

Whether it is about the way people work and collaborate, how business processes work within and across company boundaries, or how a company understands and supports its customers – digital technology offers a wealth of possibilities.

The definition of IT competence as “service integration” helps the company to identify techniques in the organization with comparable functionality.

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