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March 22, 2018, vizologi

How to become an entrepreneur? Tips and tricks

I know, and I admit, I can not stand the word entrepreneur, I find it battered, beaten, or in any case very used, almost reaching wear that surrounds the nonsense, and look that pronounced sounds great.

Hundreds of thousands of articles have been written on the subject, from any angle and perspective, until you spend the word losing the root and the meaning.

I put special emphasis on the whole coaching group and similar ones, in which their recurring star theme always leaves or reaches the point of “animating” an entrepreneurial action, but always seen from the sidelines.

Like the one who likes football and will cheer on his team (he’s always the one who knows the most, even if he’s never played football), or like the cheerleaders of a basketball team, who always cheer but never shoot.

When you realize that there are more cheerleaders than basketball players, try to leave that circle and go to the root, to those who have done it, or to those who are doing it, and in more detail focus on those who have failed more than In those who have triumphed.

You will learn much more from failure than from success that is volatile and capricious.

Starting a company, in addition to trying to launch an innovative idea, it is still a jink of errors and failures, a process of experimentation; it does not stop being a value of continuous learning, a quasi-scientific exercise.

I would dare to say, errors will be your best allies, live with them, learn from them and when you have it close to the right, get rid of them all, forgive them but never forget them.

To get to the next success, you will be accompanied by more mistakes, do not worry, they will always be there, and if you come from a traditional business trajectory in which the error is paid at a very high price, think that by the undertaking.

He will be the best ally; I made a mistake, I made a lot of errors, very soon and I try to make it very cheap.

We are no longer talking about using methodologies such as Design Thinking or Lean Startup. If not common sense, the entrepreneurial activity is based on variable and volatile rules, to get to understand them the first step is to unlearn all the previous traditional rules on which you found, understand that uncertainty and risk will accompany you at any point of the way.

If your work and personal foundations have always been based on security and certainty, forget about the undertaking, this is not for you, continue with your hobbies when leaving work, but do not get involved in an entrepreneurial activity or you will spend a bad time

Undertaking the fruits are collected at the end, not at the beginning, your salary will not appear at the end of the month, in a long time, and your goals will take part of your savings, understand that you are investing “in yourself.”

You are not by entering a monthly salary into your account; the prize is at the end not at the beginning.

No matter how much you have amended the entrepreneurial action, be honest and think if you are one of those who goes the march, the work and take risks or against those who embrace the securities, is neither better the entrepreneur nor worse the not enterprising, do not make mistakes, both admire each other.

It’s a matter of being honest with yourself and thinking about what your personality is like. What do you want to do when you get up in the morning? And above all, and the most important, why do you want to do it?

Break the barrier of not going to see salary at the end of the month for a period, free yourself and when you get them, you will see that the prize is in the long term, breaks the short-term and conformist scheme of my solder, my caps and my little trips, and understand that undertaking means a great sacrifice both in time and effort.

If you get lazy, leave it, you need very, very charged batteries, the energy you will need at all times.

There are extraordinarily good moments on a personal level; you get to feel the full realization, a force that fills you in every way, that makes you feel instrumental and satisfied.

In the same way there are tough moments, of uncertainty when you make an innovative product, of sacrifice when you absorb all your time, and above all of breaking with all the above.

We are human and of customs, leaving comfort means not getting used to your Previous work experiences, to what you have lived before, you have to explore and open a new path in which you will find many difficulties.

Break the mold, reinvent the rules, and if you are doing something innovative, unlearn any rule from which you come, if you do not you will never get something really unique and different.

He thinks that the reason for an innate or natural entrepreneurial action always seeks to work with the more complex needs defined by Maslow, getting to focus on Estima and Self-realization. Do not start with the main idea of ??getting money; it will not work, trying to maintain that balance is complex.

At this point, think that in the first years of undertaking, you must reverse the order you have engraved in your head since you finished your studies, in which you spend a lot of your time to get the money that covers your basic needs, and not so basic, leaving your “passions” in a Sunday hobby mode, or what you do when you leave work.

time – money – passions

When you start, try to reverse the order and keep in mind that the only thing valuable is your time, and most importantly, in what and why you invest it:

time – passions – money

What are the passions? Think that it is what you would do for free, without charging, that for which you are extraordinarily good, what you consider to be unique and entirely different (once you have validated it).

What you have innate, that does not cost you effort, and At the same time, it is a field where you can develop an exceptional extra value when you get it the money will come next.

I always like to use the simile of the signs of the zodiac to reflect on the professional career that at some point leads you to the action of undertaking business, I am Pisces with ancestry to Aquarius.

Working was an IT Project Manager of Deployments and Operations with a clear descent to Strategy, Business Development and Product, arrived a point in which Aquarius came to have such a high and differential added value, that practically left Pisces in a previous state of continuous pivoting.

Which could never be materialized, the idiosyncrasy of the medium in which it moved nullified itself in any diagonal and logical movement.

I am Millenial, and I recognize the significant problem of impatience that our generation has, we live in a kind of accelerated loop, in which we want everything already and fast, we get frustrated very fast, and we do not understand the lengthy processes within ten years within the companies.

My deadline to undertake what I established to be before 36, this decision I took at 33, in fact the big “idea” came to 35, family and friends.

I have always been asked why I did not buy a new car or a house on the beach, my answer now and 10 years ago was always the same. Any minimum savings that could be obtained were dedicated to an end; Set up a company and develop your idea.

In fact I even consider that I’ve become old and until I’m late, but let’s go for it, it’s worth it. In this last year, I found myself on the road with recent graduates between 23 and 24 years old, with their new application in the marketplace, and speaking to you with astounding security worthy of Steve Jobs himself.

Perhaps it is what has impressed me most in all my professional career, a 23-year-old boy who is entirely and clear that his entrepreneurial action is entirely vocational and that without finishing his university degree, he wants to be an entrepreneur, bravo for him!

On a personal level, I can tell you that I am not the same profession as a year ago, rather than transforming myself, I have mutated into a new role, I have reinvented myself, and I love the feeling.

I will do it one thousand times more; I find comfort within a process of continuous change.

Each entrepreneur’s day has been an absorption of tons of new knowledge, which I have been gradually shaping, reaching very high levels of motivation, sometimes I think that the most significant job motivation is just to acquire new knowledge continuously.

Although in the great In most cases, the vertical scale is prioritized within the organization chart.

One day as an entrepreneur, I could translate it into ten as a salaried worker, the rules are different, and ingenuity keeps you constantly alert, not by looking at the competition.

But by seeing how you can improve yourself, and how much value you can scale, Instead of thinking linearly, you tend to exponentiality.

Analyze that according to some, only 3% of the population is entrepreneur, which they say employs the remaining 97% and that 3% much less than 1% have the innate ability to innovate.

Then I recommend that you give yourself all the freedom in the world to create what comes from within, give yourself the whim, any professional should do it at least once in his life, either when you finish college or when you are 80 years old.

It is necessary; it is highly recommended, it is a tremendously enriching experience.

I do not know how I got here, but here I am in entrepreneurship, I do not understand if it was causal or vocational, the dragon was always fluttering, sometimes asleep and sometimes very awake, but it was time to let it fly with a good flight plan.

For you to understand, I could close my company within a year, because everything has gone very badly, there is no market, no one understands it, I know, whatever the reason, that there was no luck, if it ended in failure It would take away from me the feeling of having done what I wanted and what I should do, as well as the experience of a unique and exceptional learning process, a phase of experimentation and growth, that I simply needed.

The most prominent failure would have been in never having tried, in reaching an age to look back and say this I should have done, everything else has been worthwhile today, and will always be a unique experience for the Next Steps.

My last piece of advice I summarize it in one word:


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