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September 24, 2018, vizologi

The new generation of software, platforms and algorithms

Open AI and Tensor Flow point to two platform models dedicated to the disciplines of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

It is not that they are fashionable, it is already played, the combination of both technologies already accompanies the new generation of software.

They are based on how our brain works (the human), the comprehension in recognition of patterns, the replication of cognitive processes and the amplification of the concept of neural network, makes possible the option that the software that we have been programming for more than twenty years think for yourself.

It seems that we come from a time in which we have accumulated data, we have programmed actions and tasks and now is when the jump comes; Machine Learning has two main functions, the first one is based on learning and the second one is based on learning, on Artificial Intelligence, when the witness passes, machine learning must think to solve problems.

There is no doubt that these are the strategic keys on the largest companies in the market (which today are exclusively technological in the top ten ranking), as well as the natural evolutionary trend in any software-based process.

Tensor Flow is a highly scalable machine learning system that can be run on a smartphone or thousands of computers at the same time in a data center.

Google uses Tensor Flow for all types of applications: voice recognition, automatic response or, for example, the identification of images, a system based on neural networks that are up to five times faster than first generation machine learning systems.

It is at dawn and is already a potent tool, for those who have tried the automatic generation of video through the photos you upload in Google Photos you will understand the qualitative leap.

The answers to the questions we launched on Google Now are also based on this algorithm. Regardless of the type of data or content to be analyzed, Tensor Flow interprets them as metadata entries to which a comparison applies, remodel and re-enter them, the philosophy is always the same, after all, a cognitive process that performs our brain millions of times a day.
Open AI platform led by Sam Altman and Elon Musk can be considered the platform that will change the world, and the fact that it is considered as an open model is possibly the best of the technology news we may have in the future.

Artificial Intelligence is not dangerous, if it does not fall into the hands of a few, perhaps it is the most potent weapon available to humanity in our era, it would be dangerous to concentrate on a few hands and consequently focus on improper use. If you place it as a controlled collaboration and within a collective intelligence exercise, you will not only gain time but minimize risks.

Linux is an example of free software that we use every day and first of all, an ethical way of understanding software. This includes both the manufacture of the programs and their distribution and use.

Therefore, free software is not only aimed at (nor is it the exclusive property of) people capable of writing a program, or people who own companies and therefore can do business with computer programs.

On the other hand, free software has to do with the user as much as with developers or merchants. Alternatively, perhaps even more, since it is the freedom of the users the only objective of the free software movement.

There is an excellent parallelism between the new platforms and the traditional ones (let’s call it Linux), beyond an organizational model it is an ethical philosophy, the companies that share the most are the most successful, it is a fact and will be a pattern to copy to future.

The secrecy, or the modus operandi of traditional companies that bet to keep the jewel in the crown, in order to give the “pitch”, fall into a primary and outdated fundamental error, we are in the times of the Internet, and we will all be connected , let’s take advantage of these advantages, there is no room left for pitch in the age of connectivity, where we are going to share practically everything.

So why does Google and Elon Musk publish all their secrets in a platform mode?

The answer is clear, they do not have the engineers they would like for these new disciplines, time runs against them and their position aims to open all their knowledge of the API, I share it and I will get millions of collaborators, I will create an unprecedented ecosystem and I will accelerate my Time to market in an exponential exercise, EVERYONE wins within this model and they acquire the dominant position in the market.

Moreover, what is the most massive global platform exercise to date? … My answer would be the Google Search Algorithm (or at least this is my bet), all users participate in it, and we have not even noticed, but for each search (or query called in the slang) we are fed to The most massive machine learning process in history, each response will feed what may be the largest collective Machine of Artificial Intelligence.

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