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January 12, 2024, vizologi

Tools of the Trade: Growth Hacking Must-Haves

Growth hacking is about finding efficient ways to grow a company. There are tools that can help make the job easier. Whether you’re a startup founder or a marketing professional, having the right tools can make all the difference in boosting your company’s growth. Analytics platforms and social media scheduling tools are must-haves for anyone looking to take their business to the next level.

Your Growth Hacking Toolkit: Must-Have Items

To understand and engage with website visitors, some useful tools include:

  • Pingdom: For monitoring website speed and performance.
  • Beamer: For in-app notifications, providing insights into user behavior and enabling real-time communication for a personalized user experience.

Automation tools like:

  • Manychat: For creating Facebook bots for marketing and support.
  • OptinMonster: Offers conversion optimization tools to automate lead generation and reduce bounce rates, ultimately boosting conversion rates.

For enhancing social media and content strategies:

  • Sumo List Builder: For collecting emails, reducing bounce rates, and increasing website traffic.
  • Five Second Test from Usability Hub: For capturing visitor attention within seconds, ensuring that content resonates with the audience and drives engagement.

Tools to Help You Get New Customers

Get to Know Your Visitors with Hotjar

Hotjar website

Hotjar offers various methods to understand visitor behavior on a website.

These include heatmaps to visualize where visitors click, scroll, and spend their time, as well as session recordings to watch real user interactions.

Additionally, Hotjar provides feedback and survey tools to gather insights directly from visitors, helping growth marketers identify pain points and areas for improvement.

Through these methods, Hotjar enables marketers to gain a deep understanding of visitor behavior, allowing for data-driven decisions to optimize website performance.

In terms of converting visitor clicks into actual customers, Hotjar’s features such as funnel and form analysis allow marketers to identify drop-off points in the conversion process and make targeted improvements to increase conversion rates.

Moreover, Hotjar’s user feedback tools help capture and analyze visitor leads on a website by providing valuable insights into user preferences and motivations, which can guide lead-generation strategies.

By leveraging Hotjar’s capabilities, growth marketers can analyze visitor behavior, optimize conversion paths, and capture valuable leads to fuel business growth.

Turn Clicks into Customers with OptInMonster

OptInMonster website

OptInMonster has many features to help businesses.

One of its features is Exit-Intent® Technology, which captures leads just before visitors leave the website.

The A/B testing feature lets businesses test different elements to see which ones work best.

OptInMonster also offers eye-catching popup forms, slide-ins, and floating bars to grab visitors’ attention and encourage action.

Businesses can create personalized campaigns using targeting and segmentation features, and integrate with email marketing services and CRM platforms.

They can also use features like countdown timers and geo-location targeting to create urgency and relevance.

Capture Leads with Sumo List Builder

Sumo website

Sumo List Builder is a great tool for capturing leads. It helps create attractive email opt-in forms and pop-ups that catch visitors’ attention and encourage them to subscribe.

The tool has key features like customizable templates, exit-intent technology, and A/B testing capabilities, which make it very effective for lead capture. Marketers can maximize lead generation by strategically placing opt-in forms on high-traffic pages and offering valuable content or incentives in exchange for email sign-ups.

Using the exit-intent technology to capture abandoning visitors is also a smart tactic. These strategies can help businesses build a strong email list and reduce bounce rates, increasing conversions and improving customer retention.

Using Sumo List Builder’s features and proven lead generation tactics, businesses can effectively grow their customer base and achieve sustainable business growth.

Find Email Addresses with website is a tool for growth marketers to find email addresses for potential customers. Marketers can search for email addresses associated with a specific domain, expanding their email lists and engaging with a broader audience.

One of the benefits of using is its ability to streamline the process of sourcing email addresses, saving time and effort. This tool provides accurate and up-to-date email addresses, helping marketers connect with their target audience effectively.

Moreover, with a verified email address database, empowers marketers to enhance their outreach efforts and achieve better results in their marketing campaigns.

Make Your Site Faster with Pingdom

Pingdom website

Pingdom is a great tool for improving website speed and performance. It monitors load times, helping to identify and fix any issues slowing down the site. This leads to faster load times, better user experience, and higher search engine rankings.

Pingdom has real-time monitoring, performance reports, and alerts for downtime or slow performance. These features help website owners manage their site’s speed and performance.

Pingdom has a user-friendly interface, detailed insights, and customizable testing options for different locations and devices compared to other tools. It is a reliable solution for making websites faster and more efficient.

Tools to Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Learn from User Behavior with CrazyEgg

CrazyEgg website

CrazyEgg provides businesses with valuable insights into user behavior on their websites. They offer heat maps, scroll maps, and user recordings. These tools help businesses understand where users are clicking, how far they are scrolling, and even view actual user sessions.

By analyzing this data, businesses can gain insights into which areas of their website are most engaging, where users are dropping off, and how they can improve the overall user experience. As a result, businesses can make informed decisions about website design, content placement, and calls to action based on natural user behavior.

Keep Users Updated with Beamer

Beamer website

Beamer sends in-app notifications about new features, updates, and announcements to keep users informed and engaged. Companies can use Beamer to ensure users know about the latest changes and improvements in the platform or app. This helps retain users and shows the value of the product or service. Best practices for using Beamer include crafting clear and concise messages, using visuals like screenshots or videos, and timing notifications strategically.

Targeted segmentation and personalization features in Beamer can tailor updates to specific user groups, making the information more relevant.

Chat with Customers Using Manychat

Manychat website

Manychat is a tool for businesses to engage with customers using Facebook bots. It helps businesses automate responses, deliver targeted content, and provide real-time support. The key features include customizable chat flows, interactive buttons, and automated sequences. These features enable businesses to deliver personalized content and create interactive experiences.

Manychat also allows businesses to build customer relationships, increase customer retention, and enhance satisfaction and loyalty.

Boost Engagement with Proof Notifications

Proof website

Proof notifications are a way to increase user engagement on a website or app. They provide real-time social proof, like recent purchases, sign-ups, or positive reviews. This creates urgency and trust among users. It can lead to higher conversion rates because users are more likely to engage with a site or app that others find valuable. Effective types of proof notifications include activity-based notifications and recent user actions.

For example, they showed the number of people viewing a product or service or a new customer signing up or purchasing. These notifications create a sense of community and activity, encouraging users to stay on the site longer and take action. Proof notifications can be integrated into a growth hacking toolkit to enhance customer retention and engagement at different user journey stages, such as during onboarding, checkout, or after a user has purchased.

By strategically placing proof notifications throughout the user experience, growth marketers can create a more personalized and trustworthy environment, leading to higher engagement and retention rates.

Make Smart Decisions with Analytic Tools

Understand Data Patterns with Amplitude

Amplitude website

Amplitude helps marketers understand data patterns. It allows businesses to gain insights into user behavior and make data-driven decisions. Marketers can track user interactions, measure campaign success, and optimize the user experience. The tool enables businesses to segment user data, identify key metrics, and understand the impact of marketing initiatives. With Amplitude, marketers can visualize data patterns to improve customer acquisition, retention, and conversion rates.

Experiment with Changes with Optimizely

Optimizely website

Marketers use Optimizely to experiment with changes on their website. They can create and run A/B tests, multivariate tests, and personalization campaigns. These features help them test different variations of their website, like headlines, calls to action, and layouts, to find the ones with the highest conversion rates.

Using Optimizely has benefits. It lets marketers make data-driven decisions and can significantly improve key performance indicators (KPIs). Analyzing test results can give valuable insights into what works best with their audience, leading to more effective marketing strategies.

Optimizely provides robust analytics and reporting capabilities. By tracking performance and user interaction, marketers can understand trends and make informed decisions based on real user data. This approach allows them to improve their website and marketing efforts continually.

Gain Insights with Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives insights into website traffic, user behavior, and marketing effectiveness. It analyzes data on user demographics, browsing behavior, and traffic sources. This helps businesses understand their audience and preferences. It guides decisions on marketing strategies, content optimization, and website design.

Google Analytics offers performance metrics on website speed, page views, and conversion rates. This helps identify areas for improvement to enhance user experience and increase conversions. It tracks key performance indicators such as bounce rates, session durations, and goal completions.

Businesses can optimize their website and marketing efforts for maximum impact. Google Analytics also tracks user interactions and behavior across different devices and channels, empowering businesses to implement data-driven improvements and drive growth.

Tools to Grow Your Email List and Campaigns

Send Better Emails with Mailshake

Mailshake website

Mailshake has many features to make email campaigns more effective.

It allows users to personalize emails with templates and automated follow-ups.

This can improve engagement and response rates.

Mailshake also provides email tracking and analytics for measuring campaign success and making data-driven decisions.

By making email sending easier, Mailshake saves time and effort.

This lets marketers focus on other parts of their growth hacking strategies.

With Mailshake, users can create targeted campaigns, A/B test different approaches, and manage email lists easily.

This contributes to more efficient and successful email outreach efforts.

Design Forms and Surveys with Typeform

Typeform helps growth marketers make interactive forms and surveys quickly. It has a simple interface and customizable templates. With features like conditional logic and personalized questions, it creates visually appealing forms that increase engagement and responses. To design effective forms and surveys with Typeform, keep the design simple, use different question types, and add a progress bar.

Integrating Typeform with tools like email marketing platforms and CRM systems can improve customer acquisition and retention strategies by capturing data seamlessly and enabling personalized follow-up actions. This holistic approach gathers and uses customer insights for targeted marketing.

Manage Email Relationships with HubSpot

HubSpot website

HubSpot offers tools to manage email relationships effectively. These include email tracking, personalized content creation, and automated workflows. These features help marketers understand their audience and customize their messaging. By using HubSpot, marketers can segment email lists based on customer behavior and interests, leading to more personalized communication. HubSpot’s automation capabilities also save time and resources by streamlining email marketing processes.

This ensures that the right message reaches the right audience at the right time and allows for consistently nurturing leads and customers through automated email sequences.

Automate Your Workflow for Efficiency

Link Your Apps and Services with Zapier

Zapier website

Zapier is a powerful tool. It can streamline and automate the linking of different apps and services. This makes it easier for growth marketers to integrate their various tools and platforms.

Users can create “Zaps” – automated workflows that connect different apps. This allows them to effortlessly transfer data, trigger actions, and automate tasks across multiple platforms without manual input.

The benefits of using Zapier to connect various tools and platforms are numerous. These include increased productivity, efficiency, and scalability. With Zapier, marketers can automate tasks such as lead generation, data synchronization, social media posting, email marketing, and customer relationship management.

For example, Zapier can automatically send notifications to Slack when a new lead is captured, sync new email subscribers to a CRM system, or post new blog content to social media channels. These automated processes allow marketers to focus on more strategic and creative aspects of their growth hacking efforts while saving time and effort on repetitive tasks.

Automate Tasks with Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager website

Google Tag Manager can do lots of things for websites. It can add and update tags, track form submissions, and button clicks, and trigger marketing tags based on user behavior. It can also work with other analytics tools.

Using Google Tag Manager can make things easier. It’s a central platform for managing and deploying tags without coding or updating the website manually. This means marketers can change tags in real time without asking developers for help, which saves time and resources.

The benefits of using Google Tag Manager are better website performance, more accurate data, and the ability to quickly adjust to new marketing strategies and tracking needs. With automation, marketers can focus on analyzing data and using what they learn to grow and meet their marketing goals.

Enhance Social Media and Content Strategies

Discover Trends with Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo website

Using Buzzsumo, marketers can discover the increasing importance of data-driven marketing strategies. It helps analyze content performance across platforms, identify trending topics, and understand what resonates with the target audience. By providing data on shared content and top influencers, Buzzsumo enhances social media and content strategies. This information helps create more engaging and relevant content.

Schedule Social Posts with Buffer

Buffer website

Scheduling social posts with Buffer has many benefits. It can save time, maintain a consistent social media presence, and reach the target audience optimally.

Buffer’s scheduling feature allows marketers to plan and organize their social media content in advance, ensuring a steady flow of posts without manual intervention.

Marketers can also get analytics and insights into post-performance, making data-driven decisions and optimizing content strategies for maximum engagement.

Buffer’s capability to create and manage multiple social media accounts in one place streamlines and centralizes social media and content strategies.

Users can collaborate with team members, track and measure content performance, and easily share evergreen content across various platforms.

Find and Use Visuals That Don’t Cost a Dime

Growth marketers can use different sources like free stock photo websites, Creative Commons licenses, and user-generated content when looking for free visuals. These sources offer a variety of images and graphics that can be used legally and without payment.

To incorporate visuals into marketing strategies without extra costs, growth marketers can use free design tools and apps like Canva, Pixlr, and GIMP. These tools can help create eye-catching visuals for social media, blog posts, and website content.

Additionally, repurposing existing visuals such as infographics, charts, and diagrams can enhance marketing materials cost-effectively.

Best practices for using visuals in marketing materials include choosing high-quality and relevant visuals that align with the brand’s messaging, maintaining visual consistency across different platforms, and optimizing visuals for search engines using descriptive file names and alt text. Following these strategies can help growth marketers attract and engage their target audience without spending more money.

Stay Learning: The Growth Hacker’s Mantra

To acquire new customers in growth hacking, marketers can use tools like OptinMonster Exit-Intent® Technology, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, and ManyChat. These are recommended for the customer acquisition stage.

These tools can help growth hackers enhance their social media and content strategies, reach a wider audience, and engage potential customers.

Furthermore, growth hackers can make informed decisions using analytics tools such as Proof for personalized experiences, Pingdom for monitoring website speed and performance, and Five Second Test from Usability Hub for capturing visitor attention within seconds.

These tools provide valuable data and insights that enable growth hackers to optimize their marketing efforts and improve key performance indicators.

By integrating these tools into their strategies, growth hackers can effectively drive traffic, increase conversions, improve customer retention, and ultimately boost revenue, achieving significant business growth.

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