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January 11, 2024, vizologi

Top Company Values Best Practices to Follow

Company values are the guiding principles that shape a company’s culture and drive its success. It’s important to establish and implement best practices for company values. This creates a positive and productive work environment. Following top best practices ensures that values align with business goals and are effectively communicated to employees. Let’s explore the best practices that companies can follow to strengthen their values and achieve success.

Understanding Company Values

What Do Company Values Mean?

Company values are important guiding principles for an organization. They shape its culture and identity and help guide decision-making and behavior. Core values define what the organization stands for and the expected behaviors of its employees. This provides a framework for understanding the company’s mission and vision. To ensure employees embody these values in their work, the organization can integrate them into hiring, performance management, and communication.

Building Company Values That Matter

Steps to Create Your Own Company Values

To create their own company values, organizations must understand the different types of values. These include core, aspirational, permission-to-play, and accidental. This clarity helps avoid confusion and ensures that employees and management are aligned.

It is important for companies to be authentically and consistently committed to these values. This should not be treated as a one-time launch or marketing event. Small teams should drive the values initiative to ensure authenticity and ownership of the process.

Integrating core values into every employee-related process, such as hiring methods and performance management systems, is essential to truly operationalize these values into the organization’s culture.

Companies like Comcast, Airbnb, and Microsoft have effectively integrated their values into their initiatives and actions. They demonstrate the practical application of these principles.

Offerings like further resources and podcasts also help provide a comprehensive understanding of developing and operationalizing organizational values. This makes them a key focus for employees and teams.

Putting Company Values into Everyday Work

Employees can incorporate company values into their daily tasks and activities by aligning their work with the organization’s core beliefs. Making ethical decisions that reflect these values is also important.

Strategies like recognition programs, continuous training, and integrating values into performance evaluations can help ensure that company values are upheld and integrated into everyday work.

Leadership plays a crucial role in modeling and reinforcing company values. They can do this by fostering an environment that encourages the demonstration of these values, leading by example, and consistently communicating and demonstrating how these values guide decision-making and behavior throughout the organization.

Examples of Great Company Values

Tech Giants’ Values

Major tech giants like Google, Apple, and Nike have integrated core values into their organizational framework. This drives positive behaviors and culture within the organization.

These values shape the business decisions and interactions of these companies. For example, Google’s core value of innovation is seen in its dedication to creating cutting-edge products and technologies.

Similarly, Apple’s core values of excellence and customer focus define its commitment to providing high-quality, user-friendly products and services. Nike’s core value of sustainability is reflected in its supply chain practices and environmental initiatives.

These companies have successfully integrated their values into their everyday operations, from hiring and performance management to product development and marketing strategies.

Google and What They Stand For

Google website

Google has core values of innovation, focus on the user, and doing one thing really well. These values guide their commitment to creating groundbreaking technologies and ensuring a user-friendly experience. Google fosters a work environment that encourages creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Their decision-making processes reflect these values and prioritize innovation and user satisfaction.

Compared to other tech giants, Google’s values focus on pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional user experiences. However, their emphasis on doing one thing really well sets them apart by prioritizing quality over quantity and specialization over diversification.

Apple’s Core Beliefs

Apple website

Apple’s core beliefs and values focus on innovation, customer experience, and embracing innovation. These principles guide the company’s decision-making processes and shape its culture that values creativity, excellence, and forward-thinking.

The company actively promotes and incorporates its core values into its work and operations by encouraging employees to think creatively, fostering a culture of teamwork and collaboration, and consistently striving to provide the best customer experience through its products and services. This emphasis on core values strengthens the organizational culture and reinforces the company’s commitment to producing high-quality, cutting-edge products that drive positive change in the industry.

Nike’s Playbook Rules

Nike website

Nike’s Playbook Rules are guiding principles that influence the company’s culture, decision-making, and activities. These values are integrated into various aspects of company operations, such as hiring practices, performance management, and employee interactions.

By operationalizing these values, Nike ensures they are deeply rooted in the organization’s DNA, not just words on paper. For instance, Nike’s Playbook Rules could include values such as innovation, excellence, diversity and inclusion, and sustainability, reflected in the company’s products, marketing strategies, and public image.

Companies looking to create their own values similar to Nike’s Playbook Rules can follow several steps. First, they must clearly define the core values that resonate with their organizational culture and business objectives. This involves engaging with employees at all levels to ensure authentic and relevant values.

Next, these values should be integrated into the company’s everyday work through various initiatives and processes. For example, they can influence hiring decisions, performance evaluations, and employee recognition programs. Lastly, it is crucial to provide ongoing support and resources to help employees internalize and live by these values in their day-to-day activities.

Retail Leaders and Their Values

Retail leaders know it’s important to incorporate company values into daily work and decision-making. This sets a positive example and builds a culture of shared principles and ethics within their teams. Retail leaders like Comcast, Airbnb, Microsoft, Lululemon, Nike, Apple, and Coca-Cola have instilled their company values effectively. They integrate these values into their actions, showing dedication to these principles.

Retail leaders communicate with them regularly through different channels to ensure their teams understand and adopt these values. They also reward behaviors that align with the values and include them in their hiring and performance management processes. This emphasizes the importance of these values and shows their commitment to creating a culture based on their core principles.

How Costco Puts People First

Costco cares deeply about its employees’ happiness and success. They offer good pay, great benefits, and chances for career growth. This shows their dedication to helping their employees develop and thrive. Costco also creates a friendly and supportive workplace by promoting open communication, respecting everyone, and fostering teamwork. These steps ensure employees feel appreciated and encouraged in their jobs at Costco.

Disney’s Dream Values

Disney website

Disney’s Dream Values include integrity, curiosity, optimism, and innovation. These values influence the company’s decision-making and culture. For Disney, these values are not just words but are integrated into their daily operations and strategic initiatives, driving their commitment to excellence and creativity. Instilling these values at all levels of the organization creates an environment that encourages creative thinking, risk-taking, and cutting-edge innovation.

This approach keeps Disney at the forefront of the entertainment industry, delivering groundbreaking experiences to its audience.

Values in Creative Companies

Values impact how companies operate. They shape decision-making and interactions. The blog shows how core values drive positive behaviors within organizations. It highlights the link between values and day-to-day operations. Recognizing and encouraging behaviors that align with these values is crucial. Employee recognition programs can reinforce these values. Integrating core values into every employee-related process is important.

This includes hiring, performance management, and dismissal policies. The blog also talks about different values and the need for organizations to be authentic when creating and implementing core values. These strategies help creative companies ensure that their values are reflected in daily work and decision-making processes.

3M’s Innovation Culture

  1. 3M has an innovation culture emphasizes creativity, risk-taking, and the freedom to explore new ideas. Employees are encouraged to think outside the box, experiment with unconventional solutions, and collaborate across departments. This culture fosters open communication and embraces failure as a learning opportunity.
  2. 3M’s innovation culture drives product development, process improvements, and technological advancements. For example, it has created revolutionary products like Post-it Notes, Scotch Tape, and innovative materials for healthcare, safety, and consumer electronics.

Employees are also encouraged to pursue ambitious projects such as developing cutting-edge adhesive technologies, sustainability initiatives, and new applications for its diverse range of products. This innovation-driven approach influences the creation of specific products and projects and contributes to 3M’s reputation as a trailblazer in various industries.

Ben & Jerry’s Social Mission

Ben & Jerry's website

Ben & Jerry’s integrates its social mission into its operational objectives. This guides its decision-making processes and shapes its corporate values and culture. The company is committed to sourcing Fair Trade ingredients, supporting community programs, advocating for social justice, and promoting environmental sustainability.

For example, Ben & Jerry’s partners with refugee communities, offering training and employment opportunities and supporting civil and voting rights advocacy. These actions demonstrate how the company puts its social mission into practice in its business operations.

Values in Small and Medium Businesses

SnackNation’s Healthy Work Life

SnackNation website

SnackNation believes in making work-life healthy for employees by putting core values into action. They have integrated values like health, wellness, and collaboration into daily operations, programs, and leadership. These values guide decision-making, shape culture, and create a positive environment. SnackNation has implemented wellness programs, healthy snacks, and work-life balance to maintain a healthy environment.

By aligning values with practical initiatives, they show commitment to employee well-being. This fosters a positive culture and supportive environment, boosting engagement and productivity.

Glassdoor’s Transparency Goal

Glassdoor wants employees to share their experiences openly. They aim to make companies more transparent and accountable by allowing employees to anonymously share their thoughts and experiences. This helps potential employees make informed decisions about where to work, encouraging companies to improve their values and practices to attract and keep top talent.

Empowering employees to share their experiences helps create a workplace culture of openness and honesty. It motivates companies to listen and address their employees’ concerns, promoting trust and accountability.

Glassdoor provides resources for companies to communicate their values to employees and the public effectively. The platform encourages companies to show real examples of how employees experience and live by these values within the organization. This focus on transparency aims to ensure that companies express their values and live by them in their daily operations.

Making Core Values Stick

Ways to Keep Your Values Alive

Individuals can implement their company’s values in their daily work by:

  • Aligning their actions and decision-making with the prescribed core values.
  • Setting an example and holding themselves and others accountable.
  • Offering and seeking feedback.

To ensure that company values remain at the forefront of decision-making, organizations can:

  • Create and foster open communication channels.
  • Recognize behavior and performance that demonstrates the core values.
  • Integrate these values into performance management systems and employee recognition programs.

Training teams in company values and ensuring their integration into the organizational culture can be achieved through:

  • Workshops, mentoring, and onboarding processes.
  • Aligning these values with the organization’s mission and vision.

Reinforcement through employee recognition programs and communication can also help align team members with the core values and encourage their integration into the organizational culture.

Training Teams in Company Values

Organizational values shape an organization’s culture, decision-making, and interactions. It’s important to operationalize these values to strengthen the organization. Examples of core values from companies like Comcast, Airbnb, Microsoft, Lululemon, Nike, Apple, and Coca-Cola showcase how these values are integrated into their initiatives and actions.

Implementing core values has a significant impact on employee experience. Successful companies focus intensely on their core values by integrating them into everyday work processes and decision-making. This is done through comprehensive and regular training initiatives to ensure team members understand and uphold the company’s values in all aspects of their work. They also incorporate these values into various employee-related processes such as hiring methods, performance management systems, and dismissal policies, ensuring that the core values remain a central aspect of their corporate culture.

The blog also links resources and podcasts on developing and operationalizing organizational values.

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