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December 21, 2021, vizologi

10 things you should NOT do in your digital transformation.

I find a lot of gurus throughout the day misusing the term “digital transformation” below; I show you a decalogue of actions that you should NOT do in your TD.

  1. Transforming digitally is not changing the typeface from Comic Sans to Roboto. It has nothing to do with branding.
  2. Digital transformation is not about using technology but changing your business model; technology will be a tool.
  3. Runaway from those who refer to “algorithm” as an ethereal being coming from another planet. Algorithms are a set of rules that people like you or my program.
  4. Be wary of those gurus, where the most sophisticated technology on their website is a form. This is basic.
  5. Don’t deploy a bunch of new software in your company like crazy; the tools are a means, redefine your processes first.
  6. Social networks are not for fast sales; they are for slow brand building, corporate or personal.
  7. Use email responsibly, don’t spam, be responsible with your clients’ data.
  8. Do not use WhatsApp to share confidential information with your customers.
  9. Being digital means that you have your customers’ data, process it, analyze it, and understand it to make strategic decisions in your company.
  10. If you are already digital, do not move to humanism so quickly; although it is very fashionable, we still have a long way to go.

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