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Why Swapfiets's Business Model is so successful?

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Swapfiets’s Company Overview

Swapfiets is a pioneering Dutch company that offers a unique bicycle subscription service. Founded in 2014 by three mechanical engineering students, the company's name, Swapfiets, translates to "swap bike" in English, which aptly describes the essence of their service. The company provides customers with a high-quality, durable bicycle for a fixed monthly fee. The distinguishing feature of Swapfiets is its commitment to ensuring that its subscribers always have a working bike. If a bike breaks down, the company guarantees to repair or replace it within 12 hours. With its innovative approach, Swapfiets has expanded its operations across the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, and Belgium. The business model of Swapfiets is based on a subscription service. For a fixed monthly fee, customers receive a fully functional bicycle along with repair and maintenance services. The company operates on the principle of 'always having a working bike', meaning if a customer's bike breaks down, Swapfiets will repair or replace it at no additional cost. This model ensures customer satisfaction and retention, as it provides a hassle-free cycling experience. Swapfiets' revenue model is straightforward and relies solely on the monthly subscription fees paid by its customers. The company offers different subscription packages to cater to various customer needs, such as students, adults, and businesses. The fees cover the cost of the bike, regular maintenance, and any necessary repairs or replacements. This revenue model provides a steady income stream for the company and enables it to plan and predict its financial future effectively.

Swapfiets’s Customer Needs

Social impact:

Life changing: affiliation/belonging

Emotional: design/aesthetics, provides access, attractiveness

Functional: saves time, simplifies, reduces effort, avoids hassles, quality

Swapfiets’s Related Competitors

Swapfiets’s Business Operations

Access over ownership:

The accessibility over ownership model is a business concept that allows consumers to utilize a product without owning it. Everything serves a purpose. As a result, consumers all across the Western world are demanding more value from their goods and services, and they are rethinking their relationship with stuff.' Furthermore, with thriving online communities embracing the idea of access above ownership, the internet is developing as a robust platform for sharing models to expand and prosper.

Experience selling:

An experience in the sales model describes how a typical user perceives or comprehends a system's operation. A product or service's value is enhanced when an extra customer experience is included. Visual representations of experience models are abstract diagrams or metaphors derived from recognizable objects, actions, or systems. User interfaces use a range of experience models to help users rapidly comprehend what is occurring in the design, where they are, and what they may do next. For example, a software experience model may depict the connection between two applications and the relationship between an application and different navigation methods and other system or software components.

Regular replacement:

It includes items that must be replaced on a regular basis; the user cannot reuse them. Consumables are products utilized by people and companies and must be returned regularly due to wear and tear or depletion. Additionally, they may be described as components of a final product consumed or irreversibly changed throughout the production process, including semiconductor wafers and basic chemicals.


Subscription business models are built on the concept of providing a product or service in exchange for recurring subscription income on a monthly or annual basis. As a result, they place a higher premium on client retention than on customer acquisition. Subscription business models, in essence, concentrate on revenue generation in such a manner that a single client makes repeated payments for extended access to a product or service. Cable television, internet providers, software suppliers, websites (e.g., blogs), business solutions providers, and financial services companies utilize this approach, as do conventional newspapers, periodicals, and academic publications.


Companies that manufacture fast-moving consumer goods and services and are committed to sustainability do ecological impact assessments on their products and services. While research-based green marketing needs facts, green storytelling requires imagination and location. Employees responsible for the brand definition and green marketers collaborate with product and service designers, environmental groups, and government agencies.

Take the wheel:

Historically, the fundamental principles for generating and extracting economic value were rigorous. Businesses attempted to implement the same business concepts more effectively than their rivals. New sources of sustained competitive advantage are often only accessible via business model reinvention driven by disruptive innovation rather than incremental change or continuous improvement.

Rent instead of buy:

Services that do not need the product to be purchased but rather rent it for the economic benefit of requiring less money to access the commodity. When you rent, you assume less obligation since most of the burden is placed on the owner's shoulders. There is no debt; you are just responsible for the monthly rent. When renting, you have more flexibility by signing a six-month or one-year lease. This implies that you will be confined to that location for at least that period. When your lease term expires, you have the option of switching to another product or renewing your lease.

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