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Local Motors business model | How does Local Motors make money?

Local Motors Business Model

Local Motors is an American motor vehicle manufacturing company focused on low-volume manufacturing of open-source motor vehicle designs using multipl...
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Voxel 8 business model | How does Voxel 8 make money?

Voxel 8 Business Model

The Voxel8 Developer's Kit provides an all-in-one desktop solution for designing and prototyping next generation 3D electronic devices.
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Carbon business model | How does Carbon make money?

Carbon Business Model

Carbon works at the intersection of hardware, software, and molecular science. Their vision is a future fabricated with light, where traceable, final-...
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Stratasys business model | How does Stratasys make money?

Stratasys Business Model

Stratasys is shaping our world, every day. Their customers find simpler, smarter approaches to stubborn design problems – and greater confidence to ...
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3D Hubs business model | How does 3D Hubs make money?

3D Hubs Business Model

3D Hubs is an online 3D printing service platform. It operates a network of 6,370 3D printing services in over 150 countries, providing over 1 billion...
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Formlabs business model | How does Formlabs make money?

Formlabs Business Model

Formlabs is a Somerville, Massachusetts-based company that was founded in September 2011. Formlabs designs and manufactures desktop 3D printers, and i...
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