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Earnieland business model | How does Earnieland make money?

Earnieland Business Model

Earnieland is a virtual customer card for online purchases at more than 300 web shops, It operates with a cash back system and deposits the earned ext...
Groupon business model | How does Groupon make money?

Groupon Business Model

Groupon is a global e-commerce marketplace connecting millions of subscribers with local merchants by offering activities, travel, goods, and services...
Peixe Urbano business model | How does Peixe Urbano make money?

Peixe Urbano Business Model

Peixeurbano is an online platform that enables users to find and book deals on restaurants, air tickets, beauty services, entertainment activities, an...
Edeka Zentrale business model | How does Edeka Zentrale make money?

Edeka Zentrale Business Model

The Edeka Group is the largest German supermarket corporation, holding a market share of 26%. Founded in 1898, it consists today of several cooperativ...
TJX business model | How does TJX make money?

TJX Business Model

The TJX Companies, Inc. is an American apparel and home goods company based in Framingham, Massachusetts. It claims to be the largest international ap...
Delhaize Group business model | How does Delhaize Group make money?

Delhaize Group Business Model

Delhaize Group (french pronunciation) was a food retailer headquartered in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, Brussels, Belgium, and operating in seven countries an...