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99designs business model | How does 99designs make money?

99designs Business Model

99designs is a graphic design company that creates logos, websites, applications, business cards, book covers, vehicle wraps, brochures, illustrations...
Speedlancer business model | How does Speedlancer make money?

Speedlancer Business Model

Speedlancer is a revolutionary task platform. They connect you to curated, professional suppliers in the design, writing, and data entry/research fiel...
Freelancer business model | How does Freelancer make money?

Freelancer Business Model is the world's largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace by some users and projects. We connect over 23,371,284 employers and f...
We Do Logos business model | How does We Do Logos make money?

We Do Logos Business Model

We Do Logos creates logos, websites, business cards, facades, and other graphic design materials for small and medium-sized enterprises. It offers fre...
Wework business model | How does Wework make money?

Wework Business Model

WeWork Management LLC provides space, community, and services for customers that range from entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, artists, small busin...