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October 24, 2023, vizologi

From IT Consultancy to AI Pioneer: A Conversation with Pedro Trillo, Vizologi’s CEO.

In an exclusive interview with SafetyDetectives, Pedro Trillo, the Founder and CEO of Vizologi, discusses his remarkable journey from IT consultancy to establishing a groundbreaking startup focused on generative AI technology. Pedro’s insights shed light on how Vizologi’s AI empowers businesses to generate fresh ideas and enhance efficiency, making it a valuable resource for entrepreneurs and strategists considering the integration of generative AI into their decision-making processes.

Pedro Trillo’s journey began with a strong foundation in IT consultancy, where he led complex technology projects for both public and private sectors. His passion for strategic business transformation and technology innovation was unwavering, and he ventured into blogging about the societal shifts driven by emerging technologies. His keen intuition for recognizing impending technological and managerial changes set him apart.

The inception of Vizologi originated from Pedro’s encounter with a thought-provoking book, “Disrupting Unemployment,” which envisioned a future marked by high unemployment due to technological advancements, especially AI. The initial concept aimed to create a combinatorial algorithm using business model data and AI to generate a virtually endless array of unique business models, one for each person on Earth. This ambitious project, initially named “Compass,” evolved into a sophisticated software and data platform, making Vizologi Spain’s first startup and Europe’s second in Generative Artificial Intelligence by 2020.

Vizologi’s AI technology helps entrepreneurs and businesses generate new ideas and insights through a user-friendly interface. Users input keywords related to their target market, and the AI generates an infinite list of business ideas based on the input. Users can then choose potential ideas and receive recommendations for companies in related sectors. By combining AI with the mash-up innovation method, Vizologi ensures the creation of unique and creative business ideas, making success in projects generated through their tool virtually guaranteed.

Generative AI also significantly enhances the efficiency and productivity of businesses. Traditional business plan creation can take weeks, but Vizologi’s tool compresses the process from 40 hours to just 60 seconds. Users provide brief inputs through a data entry questionnaire, and the tool generates a comprehensive business plan presentation in just one minute, saving time and streamlining the process.

The potential for generative AI to make a significant impact extends to various industries. In healthcare, it assists in diagnosing diseases, personalizing treatment regimens, and streamlining patient data management. The financial sector benefits from AI in risk assessment, investment portfolio management, and fraud detection. The entertainment and arts industry leverages generative AI to compose music, author literature, and create visual art collaboratively with human creativity. Legal practice, management consulting, manufacturing, logistics, and environmental sustainability also experience AI’s transformative potential.

The primary benefits of generative AI in business strategy and decision-making include heightened creativity, increased productivity, precise predictive analytics, and consistent objectivity. It fosters innovation, accelerates decision-making, provides foresight, and eliminates biases.

Pedro Trillo offers valuable advice to entrepreneurs, strategists, and consultants considering the integration of generative AI. He emphasizes the importance of patience, understanding, collaboration between human expertise and AI, continuous experimentation, ethical considerations, and a commitment to lifelong learning. Like alchemists, those who embark on this journey will discover treasures of wisdom, innovation, and success.

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