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Algorithmia business model | How does Algorithmia make money?

Algorithmia Business Model

Algorithmia gives developers the ability to turn algorithms into scalable web services with a single click. Application developers can then integrate ...
TopCoder business model | How does TopCoder make money?

TopCoder Business Model

TopCoder, Inc., a crowdsourcing marketplace that connects businesses with designers, developers, data scientists, and algorithmists. It offers service...
Metomotion business model | How does Metomotion make money?

Metomotion Business Model

Metomotion is developing a multipurpose robotic system to perform labor-intensive tasks in greenhouses in order to reduce the limitations and high cos...
Vicarious sys business model | How does Vicarious sys make money?

Vicarious sys Business Model

Vicarious FPC, Inc. develops artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that mimic the function of the human brain. It uses generative probabilistic mode...