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Zoella business model | How does Zoella make money?

Zoella Business Model

My name is Zoe, I’m 26 years young and a writer and enthusiast of all things “Beauty, Fashion, and Life” related. Once upon a time, In February ...
We Do Logos business model | How does We Do Logos make money?

We Do Logos Business Model

We Do Logos creates logos, websites, business cards, facades, and other graphic design materials for small and medium-sized enterprises. It offers fre...
Auttomatic Wordpress business model | How does Auttomatic Wordpress make money?

Auttomatic Wordpress Business Model

Automattic, Inc. is a web development corporation founded in August 2005. It is most notable for (a free blogging service), as well as i...
Travellerspoint business model | How does Travellerspoint make money?

Travellerspoint Business Model

Travellerspoint is a social networking site for people who want to learn from or share experiences with other travelers. Members of the site participa...