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Virgin Galactic business model | How does Virgin Galactic make money?

Virgin Galactic Business Model

Virgin Galactic is a spaceflight company within the Virgin Group. It is developing commercial spacecraft and aims to provide suborbital spaceflights t...
Kulula business model | How does Kulula make money?

Kulula Business Model, sometimes simply known as Kulula, is a South African no-frills airline, operating on major domestic routes from OR Tambo International Air...
Air France-KLM Group business model | How does Air France-KLM Group make money?

Air France-KLM Group Business Model

Air France KLM-SA is an airline company. The company is engaged in passenger transportation. Its activities also include cargo, aeronautics maintenanc...
Pipistrel business model | How does Pipistrel make money?

Pipistrel Business Model

Pipistrel is a Slovenian light aircraft manufacturer established in 1987 by Ivo Boscarol and based in Ajdovščina. It was the first private aircraft ...
Helisolutions business model | How does Helisolutions make money?

Helisolutions Business Model

Started by people passionate about Helicopters and Aviation, Helisolutions is certified Helicopter operator and a flight training school located in th... business model | How does make money? Business Model

They are a publicly traded multinational Group, among the worldwide leaders in the online travel industry, and operate a portfolio of well-known brand...