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Destak business model | How does Destak make money?

Destak Business Model

Destak is a Portuguese free daily newspaper, which is distributed in Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra, and also other Portuguese cities. It is the first free...
Metro Newspapers business model | How does Metro Newspapers make money?

Metro Newspapers Business Model

Metro Newspapers publishes weekly newspapers in California's Silicon Valley, Santa Cruz County and the North Bay. Metro's award-winning publications r...
Blendle business model | How does Blendle make money?

Blendle Business Model

Blendle is a Dutch online news platform that aggregates articles from a variety of newspapers and magazines and sells them on a pay-per-article basis....
New York Times business model | How does New York Times make money?

New York Times Business Model

The New York Times is an American daily newspaper. The New York Times has won 117 Pulitzer Prizes, more than any other news organization. The paper's ...
Wijeya Newspapers business model | How does Wijeya Newspapers make money?

Wijeya Newspapers Business Model

Wijeya Newspapers, is the leading newspaper group in Sri Lanka recording the highest annual turnover. Their newspapers and websites rank very high in ...
Barnes & Noble business model | How does Barnes & Noble make money?

Barnes & Noble Business Model

Barnes & Noble does business by the book and the NOOK. As the #1 bookstore chain in the US, it operates 640 Barnes & Noble superstores, in all 50 stat...