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Capgemini Group business model | How does Capgemini Group make money?

Capgemini Group Business Model

With more than 190.000 people, Capgemini is present in over 40 countries and celebrates its 50th Anniversary year in 2017. A global leader in consulti...
Mercateo business model | How does Mercateo make money?

Mercateo Business Model

Mercateo is Europe’s leading procurement platform; interact with hundreds of suppliers, thousands of manufacturers and over a million business custo...
Floow2 business model | How does Floow2 make money?

Floow2 Business Model

FLOOW2 is the business-to-business sharing marketplace where companies can share equipment, services, and personnel.
Katerra business model | How does Katerra make money?

Katerra Business Model

Katerra Inc. provides product design and sourcing, procurement and Supply chain, logistics, and customer services to the construction industry. It eng...
Workday business model | How does Workday make money?

Workday Business Model

Workday is a provider of enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources. The Company delivers financial management, human capital manag...