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LittleBits business model | How does LittleBits make money?

LittleBits Business Model

LittleBits makes technology kits that are fun, easy-to-use, and infinitely creative. The kits are composed of electronic building blocks that are colo...
Danone business model | How does Danone make money?

Danone Business Model

Danone SA is engaged in holding directly or indirectly companies, and coordination of the main functions and activities. The company operates through ...
HopSkipDrive business model | How does HopSkipDrive make money?

HopSkipDrive Business Model

HopSkipDrive is a ride service for kids designed to help you take some of the stress out of your family's busy schedule. It was created by three moms ...
Online teaching4u business model | How does Online teaching4u make money?

Online teaching4u Business Model

Online teaching4u is part of a group of websites who offer advice and opinions across a range of topics including business, personal finance, travel, ...
DIY business model | How does DIY make money?

DIY Business Model

DIY Co operates an online community for young people. It enables its users to discover new skills, earn skill badges, build online portfolios, join so...