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One World Everybody Eats business model | How does One World Everybody Eats make money?

One World Everybody Eats Business Model

One World Everybody Eats (OWEE) is a nonprofit community kitchen and foundation, originally based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Its motto is "a hand up, no...
Aussie Farmers Direct business model | How does Aussie Farmers Direct make money?

Aussie Farmers Direct Business Model

Eight years ago, Aussie Farmers Direct started with one van, 100 liters of milk, and a local neighborhood of customers that loved what we did. Today, ...
LA Organic business model | How does LA Organic make money?

LA Organic Business Model

More than 200 years ago, at the country estate of La Amarilla, near Ronda (Andalucía), an order of nuns began producing olive oil from the fruit of c...
Positive Luxury business model | How does Positive Luxury make money?

Positive Luxury Business Model

Positive Luxury is the award-winning company behind the interactive Trust mark. Cutting edge technology to update consumers on a company's commitment.
Doorstep Dairy business model | How does Doorstep Dairy make money?

Doorstep Dairy Business Model

Formed in the image of the owner's family-owned grocery store and grocery truck delivery service. Originating in Churchtown (Narvon, PA), the owner an...
Ecobags business model | How does Ecobags make money?

Ecobags Business Model

Ecobags opened for business in 1989 with a simple goal: to produce responsibly-made and -sourced bags at great prices, so that reusable becomes a way ...